First Appearance Bakugan Heroes: Dark Destiny Chapter 5 - DNAvalon
Reality Number 3012
Known Planets Earth, Neathia, Vestal, Gundalia, New Vestroia
Known Species Humans, Neathians, Gundalians, Vestals, Bakugan, Other Animals
Status Mostly inactive

Reality-3012 is the name given to the reality where DNAvalon originates from. Most of this reality's species, including humans and Bakugan, have been slain by a powerful dark force that first appeared on this reality's Earth.


Reality-3012 followed the same story as the main Bakugan reality, with the exception of several differences. However, one day on this reality's Earth, an immense portal opened up in the sky, bringing forth a dark creature that soon brought an apocalypse onto this reality's Earth and killed billions of its residents. This creature later brought the rest of this reality's planets, including Neathia, Gundalia, Vestal, and New Vestroia, to ruins and slew much of their populations as well.

Valentin Kazami is first brought to this reality by Grazed Ziperator, formerly Linus Claude's Neo Ziperator, in order to be told of this incident, as the same dark force that ravaged this reality was bent on arriving towards the main Bakugan reality. There he meets DNAvalon, the last hero of this reality.

Known ResidentsEdit




  • Fabia Sheen (deceased)
  • Linus Claude (deceased)




  • Linus Claude's Neo Ziperator never died in the events of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. Instead, he evolved into Grazed Ziperator after Linus's death.
  • Fabia Sheen never became Queen of Neathia after the events of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. Instead, she stayed Princess of Neathia while her older sister, Serena, stayed Queen of Neathia.



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