Matthew: I'm bored.

Megan: You can play with me!

Matthew: Nah, I'm not that bored.

Megan: Well, I'm that bored so you have to play with me.

Matthew: No, I don't.

Megan: Yes, you do.

Matthew: No, I don't

Megan: YES, YOU DO!

Michael: What's going on? I could here you all the way from the Game Room.

Matthew: Megan is making me play with her.

Megan: No, I'm not.

  • Matthew tickles Megan

Megan: Okay, Okay, I am!

Michael: Megan, Matthew isn't here to-

Megan: But you are!

Michael: You didn't even know what I was going to say.

Megan: Duh, of course I did. I'm Pyschic.

Matthew: You are not Pyschic.

Michael: Megan, you really are-

  • Phone starts to ring

Megan: So you said I am? Yes!

Michael: Just let me answer this.

  • Michael answers the phone

Michael: Hello?

Stranger: I need you to do me a huge favor.

Michael: I don't know you.

Stranger: I need you to hunt down monsters for a big reward.

Michael: A big reward? Like what?

Stranger: How about.......$1,000,000.

Michael: A million dollars?! Your crazy!

Stranger: If you do what I say I will give you a million dollars.

Michael: I believe the money is fake.

Stranger: Meet me at the night club at 6:00 pm and I will show you.

Michael: Alright.

  • Michael hangs up phone

Michael: Alright!

Matthew: What?

Michael: This guy wants me to hunt down monsters for one million dollars!

Matthew: Your kidding.

Michael: No, I'm not.

Megan: Were going to be rich!

Michael: We?

Megan: We can come along too, right.

Michael: Well, I guess Matthew could, but Megan, you would be too scared.

Megan: No I wouldn't.

Michael: I don't want to argue with you right now, so fine. I'm going to have to ask the guy if I can bring you guys.

Matthew: Are you going to meet him?

Michael: Yeah, at the night club at 6:00 pm.

Matthew: Well, dude. You better go right now. it's 5:45.

Michael: Alright. See ya later.

  • Michael gets to the night club

Stranger: Hello.

Michael: Um....Hi.

Stranger: Here's the money.

Michael: Is it fake?

Stranger: Nope.

Michael: Let me check.

  • The money isn't fake

Michael: Oh my GOSH!

Stranger: I'm rich. I have more money then Bill Gates.

Michael: Just tell me what I have to do so I can go.

Stranger: What you have to do is hunt down 20 fake monsters.

Michael: Fake?

Stranger: Yes, fake. I'm going to be video taping the whole time so I can put it on YouTube.

Michael: Youtube?

Stranger: Yes, Youtube. So anyways, you can bring 2 friends. You will be holding fake guns. You will shoot out fake bullits.

Michael: If I can bring 2 friends can you give me 3 million dollars?

Stranger: Why?

Michael: One million dollars for each of us.

Stranger: Okay.

Michael: Alright!

  • Michael goes back home

Michael: You guys can come!

Matthew: Really?!

Michael: Yes. Now he is going to give us three milion dollars.

Megan: Why?

Michael: Because there are 3 of us.


Michael: We are also hunting fake monsters and going on........

Matthew: On what?

Michael: YouTube!


Matthew: Cool.

  • Later the next day they go on that hunting trip

Director: And...Cut!

Megan: Alright let's get the money and get out of here.

  • Takes the money and leave.

Matthew: Wow! What will we do with all this money?

Michael: We'll figure it out, later.

Megan: I want to figure it out now!

Michael: Fine. Hmm.... We can buy an actual game room. 

Megan: We can redesign our pool. A huge hot tub, with a nice waterfall falling on rocks. Also a huge pool with bright and shining colors at night, and a 10 feet diving board!

Matthew: We can also rebuild our house as a mansion!

Michael: Alright! Let's do it!

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