Matthew: Hey, Michael!

Michael: What?

Matthew: I want to jump off a building......

Michael: What?! No!

Matthew: Onto a trampoline.

Michael: No! You can't risk it.

Megan: What are you guys talking about?

Michael: Matthew wants to jump off a building onto a trampoline.

Megan: No, Matthew don't do it! If you died........*starts crying* would never be the same without you.

Matthew: Don't worry. It will be a big trampoline.

  • Megan starts crying a lot

Matthew: Look. I'm getting payed to do this.

Michael: You're getting payed to do this?! That's insane!

  • Megan suddenly stops crying

Megan: How much?

Matthew: 100K per jump.

Michael: Fine you can do it.

Matthew: I need someone to set up the trampoline for me.

Michael: How about Megan, Jorge, Wolf, and I.

Matthew: I said someone, but I guess 4 people can work.

Megan: Do we get payed to set it up?

Matthew: Yep.

Michael: How much?

Matthew: Nothing.

Michael: Alright! I'll do it!

  • Matthew goes to Jorge and Wolf and explains to them what's going on

Jorge: Let'sa do it!

Wolf: Come on! What are you waiting for let's go!

  • Matthew's on the top of a really tall building

Matthew: I'm ready!

Michael: Five!

Jorge: Foura!

Megan: Three!

Wolf: Two!

Jorge, Michael, Megan, Wolf: One!

Matthew: GO!

  • Matthew jumps

Matthew: AH!

  • Matthew lands with his head and arms on the trampoline

Matthew: Ugh.

Michael: Are you okay?

Matthew: Yeah I'm fine.

  • Everyone walks over to the instructor

Matthew, Michael, Megan, Jorge, Wolf: Where's my money?

  • The Instructor ran away

Matthew: What a rip off!

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