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Megan: I told you I'm psychic.

Matthew: Yeah Really.

Megan: I hate you.

Matthew: I love you too.

~ Michael walks into the room

Michael: What are you two fighting about now?

Megan: He doesn't think I'm psychic.

Michael: I don't believe you are, too.

Megan: I'll just prove to you I am.

~ Megan turns on tv

Megan: I bet you the #2 dog will beat #1

~ It did

Matthew: Well, that's just a lucky guess.

Megan: Is it really? Let's take a look at the next round.

Matthew: Alright.

Megan: #7 will beat #4

~ It did

Michael: Well let's bring you to a REAL psychic.

Megan: Fine.

~ Goes to a psychic

Psychic: She's not a psychic...

Matthew: Knew it!

Psychic: BUT..... being psychic runs in your family.

Michael: OMG, I'm PSYCHIC!

DUN DUN DUN.............

Megan: By the way, that was a tape so I knew who won! :D

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