• Haunted House
    Screaming came from a Scary Haunted Mansion

Megan: What was that?

Matthew: What was what?

Megan: That screaming.

Matthew: I didn't here any screaming.

Michael: Matthew, stop.

Wolf: We should really check that out.

Jorge: Follow me!

  • Scene: Haunted Mansion
  • More Screaming

Matthew: Ah!

Michael: You're not acting scared.

Matthew: Yeah.

Michael: Then why did you scream?

Matthew: To scream along.

Wolf: We're not here to fun.

Matthew: Ya right.

Jorge: Justa follow my lead.

Michael: Where's Megan?

  • Everyone turns around and sees Megan huddling in a corner

Matthew: You're scared.

Megan: No I'm not. I just.....Stop staring at me!

Matthew: You are scared.

Megan: Stop!

Michael: Just get up so we can start moving.

Megan: Fine!

  • Later

Matthew: Boo!

Megan: AH!

Wolf: Will you two just stop this!

  • Later more screaming

Michael: Come on, I think we're getting closer.

  • They finally enter the room of screaming
  • They see Wolf

Jorge: Butta Wolf is right here.

  • They turn around and see a moving balloon of Wolf

Michael: Oh!

Megan: Wolf! That wasn't funny.

Matthew: But you were here.

Wolf: I was there.

Matthew: How are you here now?

Wolf: I quietly slipped out.

Michael: Then who did the screaming when you were with us?

  • Wolf holds up a radio of screaming sounds

Megan: Now I get it.

Michael: Now the mystery is solved.

Matthew: Jorge has been extremely quiet.

  • Matthew moves his head up close to Jorge

Matthew: What do you know?

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