Michael: How did you even get your Driver's License?

Matthew: I cheated.

Michael: I'm not surprised.

Matthew: There's a red light! What do I press?

Michael: The break!

Matthew: The what?!

  • Matthew runs the red light

Michael: Matthew, stop! You're going too fast!

  • Sirens

Michael: Pull over!

Matthew: I can't! I don't know how!

  • Michael whispers

Michael: You're as stupid as you look.

Matthew: What?

Michael: Oh nothing.

  • Michael slams on the break for Matthew

Matthew: I'm really not ready to drive.

Michael: You THINK!

  • Officer Wolf came up to the car

Officer Wolf: Here is a $200 fine for going over the speed limit.

Matthew: Wolf is that you?

Officer Wolf: It's Officer Wolf to you buddy.

Matthew: Remember me? It's Matthew.

Officer Wolf: Nope, pay the fine.

Matthew: Awww....

  • Matthew uses is magic wand to get $200

Matthew: Here you go.

Wolf: Hey want to go get pizza?

Michael: Nope, let me just call my sister.

  • Michael calls

Megan: I'm coming!

  • Megan flies down from the sky with invisible wings

Megan: I'm here!

Matthew: Let's go to Jorge's Pizzaria.

  • They go to the Pizza Place

Jorge: Welcome to Jorge's Pizzaria

Michael: Jorge!

Jorge: Michael!

Michael: Long time no see!

Matthew: Hey, let's just not eat and go on that crazy rollercoaster!

Michael: Guys, just go eat while Matthew and I talk.

Megan: Alright.

  • They all go

Michael: We can't afford going on the rollercoaster.

Matthew: Or can we?

  • Matthew uses his magic wand to get a huge package of money

Michael: How much is that?!

Matthew: $1 million

Michael: That's illegal!

Matthew: Who cares! Got to go.

Michael: Wait!

Matthew: Too late!

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