Attribute Haos
Variations Raiden
Brawler Captain Derek (Former)
Lieutenant Aaron
First Appearance R-Evolutions Episode 2 - Trust

Raiden is a Haos Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Lieutenant Aaron in Bakugan R-Evolutions.



Since most of the Bakugan issued by BRAWL do not have the ability to speak, Raiden does not have any recognizable traits personality-wise. However, there are times when Raiden has shown extreme fidelity towards Aaron, acting on commands like the lightning that fuels its attacks.


Raiden is a humanoid Bakugan covered in sleek white armor, with yellow lines running over the armor in intricate ways. On Raiden's thighs there are two electronic holsters attached, each containing one white eskrima stick. Raiden also wears a helmet on its head with a spike shooting diagonally into the air. This helmet completely covers Raiden's head, only leaving a slot open for its obscured eyes.


Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Raiden debuted in Trust, where Captain Derek entrusted it to Aaron for the latter's mission in tracking down Valkyrie. Raiden later fought against Valkyrie during the confrontation with Luke Truman, and easily held the advantage in speed throughout the battle. After using Eskrima Lightning to severely injure Valkyrie, Raiden was launched into a nearby stone structure by an unknown assailant. Raiden quickly recovered from the sneak attack and charged at Valkyrie for a final strike, but was knocked out by the latter's Violent Intensity Punch.

In Surrounded, Raiden fought alongside Volcanova, Chrysalia, and Axotor against Solaris and managed to hold the advantage for quite some time, until Draypent interrupted the battle and took out Raiden with Blaze Fang.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Lightning Movement - Raiden moves with lightning fast speed, making it seem like Raiden is teleporting.
  • Lightning Baton - Lightning hits one of Raiden's eskrima sticks, and then Raiden swings that stick at the opponent.
  • Shock Barrage - Raiden rapidly fires lightning bullets from its eskrima sticks at the opponent.
  • Eskrima Lightning - Raiden charges lighting in its eskrima sticks, then attacks the opponent with a barrage of strikes.

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