Ace, GF, Wolf, C22, Winx, and Ice appear at an unknown location. The all stand at a grassy field with mountains to their far east, a forest a few miles south, a frozen lake to their close west, and desert to their north. Past the mountains is a ocean...

Ace: Welcome to your dreamland. Today on August 2nd, Fanonlords Wiki celebrates its fourth anniversary, so why don’t we have battle to determine the last person standing.

Wolf: Awesome! I cannot wait to show everyone my wrestling skills and my true power!

C22: Pfft, why do we need to battle? We all know I’ll be the last person standing.

Ice: Eh, you’ll be on your knees for your queen and you know it.

C22: You aren’t my queen.

GF: She’s our queen, C22.

( Mechanical torrents with laser guns rise around everyone )

Wolf: She’s everyone’s queen.

( Ace backs away, passing the torrents behind him )

C22: Then I’m the rebel who’ll become king!

Ice: Meh.

Ace: Guys, we’re supposed to be fighting each other. You’re making this too easy for me, look around you!

Ice: *Looks around at the torrents surrounding everyone except Ace* Oh.

Wolf: Ace, how could you? D=

GF: Good job, Ace, but turrets are pathetic.

( Ace presses a gray button on a remote in his right hand, causing a torrent behind GF to fire a laser )

GF: *Gets hit with sparks bouncing off his back* AAAAHH! *Collapses onto one knee* Guys, I need you to beat Ace. I don’t...I don’t think I can survive much longer...

Ice: Wow, very dramatic.

Ace: Ha, pathetic? Yeah right, Winx, you’ve been very quiet. Do you have anything to say?

( Winx looks over at Ace before quickly flying into GF and taking to the sky )


( Wolf waves bye to GF )

C22: ICE, IT’S TIME I BECOME KING! *Runs towards Ice*

Ice: Oh. *Stares at C22* Abracadabra!

( Ice and C22 disappear )

Wolf: =O

Ace: Then there was two…

Wolf: So let’s team up and not fight, you know? We can be fresh and beat everyone else up while they're weak.

Ace: Great idea, I’ll see you later after I’m the last one standing! *Presses a red button*

( The torrents fire laser beams at Wolf )

Wolf: … *Falls to the ground, avoiding each beam from zapping him*

( The beams collide above Wolf and take each other out )

Ace: <.<

Wolf: *Lifts head off the grass* I’m safe! =D

Ace: You’re such a coward…

Wolf: *Hands glow blue* I’m not a coward. You tried to attack us from behind and now you’re using torrents to keep your hands clean from a fight. *Gets up*

Ace: Pfft, your story isn’t exactly the best. *Presses the red button again*

( Lasers fire from the torrents, but Wolf ducks and fires a cosmic energy beam at two torrents in front of him )


( Two of eight torrents blow up as the lasers collide above Wolf )

( Wolf releases a cosmic energy beam at two torrents behind him )


( The two torrents behind Wolf explode )

Ace: Screw this! *Presses a yellow button, causing the remaining torrents to explode*

Wolf: Hmph? *Stands up*

Ace: *Puts remote in pocket and pulls a sword from his holder* It’s time for violence!

Meanwhile, up in the sky…

( Winx pushes GF off him, but GF quickly gains balance in midair )

Winx: Only one Saiyan can be the last person standing.

GF: And that’s me! *Disappears*

( GF appears behind Winx and punches him )

( Winx disappears and kicks GF from behind )

( GF blasts towards the mountains, but quickly gains balance in flight again )

GF: Great, I wanted a good fight! *Charges towards Winx with blue energy around him*

Winx: Heh. *Charges towards GF with blue energy around him*

( GF and Winx try punching each other with their right hands )


( GF and Winx’s fists collide, however, they’re both evenly matched )

GF: *Backs away from Winx* We can do this all day, Winx, why don’t we team up and beat everyone else first?

Winx: *Backs away from GF* Good idea, but why don’t we just watch everyone else fight? We have great seats up and we can remain fresh.

GF: I like that idea, let’s watch everyone else weaken each other.

By Ice and C22…

Ice: *Over C22’s shoulder* Abracaburn! *Disappears, leaving behind flames to burn C22*

C22: AAAAAAHH! *Body turns to water* Very funny, Ice!

Ice: *Reappears over the frozen lake* Eh, not being funny.

C22: Grr! *Runs towards Ice with water vapor attaching to his body*

Ice: Interesting.

( C22’s body quickly becomes engulfed in water )

Ice: Waterboy, have you ever been flushed down a toilet?

( C22 doesn’t respond as he stomps onto the frozen lake )

Ice: Abracawhirl!

( C22’s gets picked up off the ground by wind and spins around Ice )


Ice: No.


Ice: Fine… *Flicks her fingers, causing C22 to stop spinning around her*

C22: *Falls onto the frozen lake in front of Ice* Ugh! *Looks around, suffering from being dizzy and facing motion sickness*

Ice: *When C22 looks up at her* ‘Ey.

( C22 vomits by Ice’s feet )

Ice: Disgusting…

C22: BLEH! *Vomits again*

Ice: *Points at C22* Abracadabra!

( C22 disappears )

Back to Wolf and Ace…

Wolf: *Rolls behind Ace* Ace, easy! *Slowly gets back to a standing position*

Ace: Pfft! *Swings sword from left to right as he turns around*

Wolf: *Falls to the ground to avoid* There’s other ways of fighting me!

Ace: *Holds sword above his head with its tip facing the group* See ya later, Wolf.

Wolf: *Gulps* Ace…

( Ace forces his sword down towards Wolf )

( Wolf rolls backwards into a standing position )

( Ace’s sword enters the ground )

Ace: Err! *Tries pulling sword out of the ground, but the sword doesn’t budge*

Wolf: HA! *Dropkicks Ace’s face*

Ace: ARGH! *Falls backwards onto the ground in a seated position*

( Wolf falls to the ground on his back and rolls into a standing position )

( Ace remains in a seated position )

Wolf: This is real fighting! *Runs past Ace’s sword and tries kicking his chest*

( Ace falls into a laying position, avoiding Wolf’s kick and kicks Wolf’s back as he rolls into a standing position )

Wolf: OW!

Ace: Eat this! *Punches Wolf’s face as he turns around to face him*

Wolf: OW! *Kicks Ace’s left leg*

Ace: Err! *Uppercuts Wolf*

( Wolf falls backwards into a seated position )

Ace: Now stay there! *Turns to his sword and walks towards it*

( Wolf quickly gets back up, slowly walks behind Ace, and grabs the back of his skull )

Ace: I said stay, dog! *Elbows Wolf’s chest, but Wolf doesn’t let go*

Wolf: DOG?! *Slams Ace’s forehead into his sword’s handle* HOW DID THAT FEEL?!

Ace: It didn’t hurt…

Wolf: THEN LET’S TRY SOME MORE! *Slams Ace’s head into his sword’s handle three more times* BETTER?!

( Ace elbows Wolf’s grab, causing Wolf to let his head go )

Wolf: OW!

( Ace grabs Wolf’s head and lowers it to the side of his sword’s blade )

Ace: Ever wonder what color your brain is, Wolf? *Slowly bring Wolf’s head closer to the blade*

Wolf: NO! *Wraps arms around Ace’s waist and falls to the ground*


( Wolf rolls around with Ace )

Ace: JUST *Faceplants the ground* LET ME *Eats the grassy ground again* KILL *Faceplants the ground for a third time*

Wolf: KILL?! *Head twitches and hands glow blue*

Ace: NO, WOLF! *Tries break Wolf’s grip over his stomach*

Wolf: LALALA! *Deadlifts Ace off the ground and begins flying*

Ace: Wolf, think about what you’re doing! *Still trying to break Wolf’s hands a part*


Ace: *Unable to break Wolf’s grip* Wolf, listen to me! *Tries taking remote out of pocket*

( Wolf continues to bring Ace higher and higher into the air )

Back by Winx and GF…

GF: *Watching what’s going on with Wolf* Hey, do you have any popcorn?

Winx: No.

GF: Dang it, I should have stuffed popcorn in my pockets…

Winx: Should we save Ace?

GF: We could, but do we want to have more competition?

Winx: Not really.

GF: *A bag of steaming hot popcorn appears in GF’s hands* OH MY FREAKING POPCORN!

Winx: It’s only popcorn.


( Wolf gets ready to throw Ace )

Winx: What’s happening here?

GF: *Munching on popcorn* Wolf’s doing inappropriate things for once?!

( Wolf tosses Ace upwards )


GF: Buh-bye Ace!

( Wolf brings his palms together and charges cosmic energy )

Winx: Umm, should we save Ace now?

GF: *Holds popcorn bag below Winx’s head* Have some popcorn.

( When Ace lines up with Wolf’s position, Wolf releases a blue beam into Ace’s back )


( The beam of cosmic energy sends Ace far north into the desert )

Who will be the last person standing?

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