What to expect:



As a questioner, you ask questions relating to story.

What you can ask:

  • Questions looking for spoilers
  • Questions on character backgrounds
  • Questions that aren't inappropriate

What you cannot ask:



What you do/can do:

  • Answer all questions
  • If you don't want to give spoilers, you can answer the question retaining to your story with something like "you'll have to wait and see" or "I don't know yet".

Questions and Answers Pages

NOTE: The Questions and Answers pages are locked until their needed dates. No one can edit the page until its specific day.

Q: I see your running a love storyline between a few characters, do you have any big plans for that storyline going forward? --Wolf

A: As far as love is concerned? Yes, Everyone (except Nintendo, trololololol, loljk) is going to get married, but from season 6 onward it'll focus on Matthew's kids, who are sextuplets who each have different attributes. Other then making cameos or appearing for a short time, No one else will appear, Matthew and his children, primarily his children, will be the main focus. -DP

Beyblade: Neo Clash

Q: What inspired you to create blayblayedz series? -DP

Q: Is the series going to continue to get worked on? -- Wolf

A: The series has been canceled due to time constraints. - Nexus

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