Attribute Subterra
Brawler Kevin Sands
First Appearance R-Evolutions Prologue, Part 1

Quartzian is a Subterra Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Kevin Sands in Bakugan R-Evolutions.



Quartzian has never been shown to have the ability to speak and has no face, signifying that Quartzian has no recognizable traits personality-wise.


Quartzian is a colossal Bakugan whose entire body is made of tan quartz. Quartzian's feet are flat slabs of stone, with stones piled up for legs. Quartzian's torso is a gigantic boulder, with smaller boulders attached to the torso as arms that extend down to giant fists made of hardened quartz. Resting atop Quartzian's torso is a head with no facial features at all.


Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Quartzian debuted in Prologue, Part 1, where it battled Rayzor in the final round of the Neo Bakugan City Singles Regional Tournament, until they were interrupted by Nexus and Valkyrie's arrival. Quartzian and Rayzor then fought Valkyrie in a losing battle, lasting only a few minutes.

In Prologue, Part 2, the full extent of Quartzian and Rayzor's battle with Valkyrie was shown, where Quartzian was defeated when Valkyrie landed an Intensity Punch to Quartzian's stomach.

In Stone, Quartzian fought against Rayzor in a rematch, putting up quite a fight until eventually being defeated when Rayzor used Tornado Buster to drill through Quartzian's body. Later, Quartzian battled against Drillex during a special, Official Bakugan Brawling Network promotional event, but none of Quartzian's attacks proved effective and was taken down by Drillex's Heavy Mineral Ball.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Tremor Quartz - Quartzian glows orange and breaks the ground apart, sending the pieces flying towards the opponent.
  • Quartz Quake - Quartzian smashes its hands on the ground, causing an enormous shockwave.
  • Towering Quartz - Quartzian smashes its hand on the ground, causing pillars of quartz to rise from the ground.
  • Prismatic Quartz - Quartzian creates a boulder made purely of quartz and throws it at the opponent.

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