Pyruslords Quest is the first official video game on Pyruslords Wiki, it is a PC Game and is a Role-Playing game. It was created by Zie. It is planned to be released sometime this year or next year.


The BeginningEdit

Neo wakes up from a horrible dream and meets Zie, and they meet Zero, they then go on a quest to save the universe.

The Forest of HowlsEdit

The hero's begin their quest and enter the Forest of Howls, where some person named Wolf is being attacked by Wolf, but Neo, Zie, and Zero defeat the Wolf, and Wolf thanks them and joins the party. Neo and the others then arrive at the forest clearing but is interrupted by Hater, and Wolf fights them. The gang beats Hater and heads to a city called ZeeZee.

Swag District 0Edit

Neo and the others arrive at the city of ZeeZee and enter the Swag District 0 and meets C22, who isn't happy and rams and fights Neo and the others, C22 loses and joins the party. Suddenly, a HUGE SUNGLASSES appears and fights the gang, he says his name is Gaws, but the gang defeats them like a boss.

The Crime Of The Hero Who Solves CrimeEdit

The gang meets... Batman.

Kazami StyleEdit

The Frying Pan Of JusticeEdit

The SurvivorsEdit


The Hero's travel across a huge world with Neo as the main character, up to 4 Hero's can be used in battle, but they can also be swapped. The Player can jump with Z and use their weapon outside battle to strike first in battle with X, and toggle their bag with C, the player pauses the game with Q. Space is to toggle your team. The first member of your team can be controlled outside of battle with the arrow keys.


Name Description Attacks
Neo Neo is a mysterious human with elemental powers, his story is connected to a mysterious evil, it is his destiny to destroy an upcoming darkness. Helping Boost (Lvl 1), Aura Ball (Lvl 1), Super Palm (Lvl 3), Fireball (Lvl 7)
Zero A new friend of Neo, he wears a black scarf and a black t-shirt covered with a purple scarf and black pants. His weapon is Claws. Chop (Lvl 1), Double Chop (Lvl 1), Drilling Claws (Lvl 3), Flaming Claws (Lvl 7)
Zie Neo's friend, he uses a sword in battle, he wears a blue jacket and black pants. Chop (Lvl 1), Stab (Lvl 1), Spinning Slash (Lvl 3), Thundersword (Lvl 7)
Wolf His fists are taped. He wears black boots, black jeans, a light green shirt, and a black leather jacket. He has dark green hair. He wields Brass Knuckles as his weapon. Howling Screech (Lvl 1), Knuckle Hammer (Lvl 1), Dual Knuckles (Lvl 3), Brass Soundwave (Lvl 7)
Helios Helios Is very fast and quick to react. Wears a bullet proof vest and bullet proof pants. Has red hair and blue eyes. He wields a cross bow, trench knifes, and a halperd. Arrow Shot (Lvl 1), Knife Shooter (Lvl 1), Arrow Kineticus (Lvl 3), Halperd Swipe (Lvl 7)
Batman A mysterious man dressed as a bat, a very powerful person Ultra Sun (Stuns opponent) (Lvl 1), Batarang (Lvl 1), Batclaw (Lvl 3), Batswarm (Attacks all opponents) (Lvl 7)
Valentin Kazami Wears a black leather jacket, a white muscle top, blue jeans, and new-looking sneakers. Very agile, strong, and intelligent. He wields a rifle and a sword. Snipe (Lvl 1), Chop (Lvl 1), Slash (Lvl 3), Air Lance (Lvl 7)
Nexus Wears a white cloak with black clothes underneath, wears a white mask over his face, and has spiky white hair. He is very silent and mysterious, yet has high quantities of power and is skilled in every form of combat. He wields a frying pan, RPG, and every known Zanpakuto. Snipe (Lvl 1), Swipe (Lvl 1), Frying Pan Beating (Lvl 3), Frying Pan Of Noiseness (Lvl 7)
Icefern Wears a gray short sleeved shirt, faded jeans, and black sneakers. Has long auburn hair. She commonly wields the Fangs of Tigerstar, a sniper rifle, and a stave. Stave (Lvl 1), Sniper Rifle (Lvl 3), Fangs of Tigerstar (Lvl 7)

Rank SystemEdit

  • Hero (Lvl 1-4)
  • Adventurer (Lvl 5-9)
  • Super (Lvl 10-14)
  • Warrior (Lvl 15-24)
  • Star (Lvl 25-34)
  • Majestic (Lvl 35-44)
  • Master Hero (Lvl 45-49)
  • True Hero (Lvl 50-99)
  • Ultimate Master (Lvl 100) (Gain Special Reward)

Stat SystemEdit

Each hero in the game has stats, they reflect on their skills.

  • FileHPIcon Health Points: Health Points is the main system of the hero's survival, the more health the hero has, the longer it will stay in battle and won't need items.
  • AtkIcon Attack: Attack is the strength of the opponents attacks, the higher the stat is, the better attack opponents will land.
  • FilePOWIcon Power: Power is the strength of the hero, the higher the stat the greater strength the hero has.
  • FileDEFIcon Defense: Defense is the defending skills of the hero, defense is a good stat, it will help the hero's protect from strong attacks, the higher the stat is, the less damage the hero will take.
  • FileSPEEDIcon Agility: is how fast the hero's are, the speed will increase dodging skills and will make the player attack faster and might attack multiple times in one turn.
  • FileSPIcon Special Power: The Special Power is used to activate special attacks that the hero can't use on their own. The more Special Power stats you have, the more amount of Special attacks you can use.


  • Hater: A white wolf who battles the gang, he has 40 HP.
  • C22: Some guy who joins the team, he has 50 Hp.
  • Joker: Batman's archrival. Battles the Gang in Gotham City, he has 45 HP.
  • Gaws: A Sunglasses creature that fights the gang, he has 75 Hp.


  • Avalon
  • Hopskip Forest
  • Yin-Yang Woods
  • Candy Canyon
  • Gotham City
  • Trolls Corner
  • Playroom
  • Swag District 0
  • The Forest of Howling
  • ZeeZee City

How To Sign Up For The Game?Edit

User blog:Renardy/Pyruslords... The Video Game..?

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