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The Outcast Wolf's AwardsEdit

  1. Most Edits
  2. Most Badge Points
  3. Most Blogs
  4. Best Bureaucrat
  5. Randomness Award of Ramdoming Randomness

Nintendocan's AwardsEdit

  1. Most Pictures Uploaded: Nintendocan
  2. Idea Man
  3. Randomness Award of Ramdoming Randomness

Icefern's AwardsEdit

  1. Most Decorated User Page: Icefern
  2. Best Admin: Icefern
  3. Random Award of Respect

Darkusfan202's AwardsEdit

  1. Most Likely to Be Shot Out of a Canon

C22helios' AwardsEdit

  1. Idea Man
  2. Best RPer

Nexus360's AwardsEdit

  1. Best Chat Mod

Poshi301's AwardsEdit

  1. Biggest Pokémon Lover

Other AwardsEdit

  1. Most Story Episodes: Wolf's Story by The Outcast Wolf
  2. Best Story: Wolf's Story by The Outcast Wolf
  3. Best Emoticon: Awesome Face

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