So ive decided that i wanted to make stories too like wolf,somine will feature almost everyone in it,ill be linking the stories in the buttom.

Note:There will be 3 episodes in the start to get it catched up.

Story before:

Pyrosmaster was onced leader of The Pyrus Lords,with his friends like thewolf1 and jolts.Til one day when his team was threatend by the gundalians,so pyrosmaster struck a deal with clayf to give him the might to beat the gundalians.But he was tricked into turn in outer evil and destroy some of him members who were sent into the doom dimension.Pyro felt guilty so then turned on clayf and decided to pass the test of soldiers where he then soon fough his friend thewolf1.He brutaly won but was tricked by apollonir to kill his friend thewolf,in pyrosmasters view,he saw a gundalian,but in reality it was thewolf1.After that he was a pyrus soldier of vestroia giving him unlimited power and unlocking many pyrus abilities.He was the champion warrior.After 5 years,he was tricked by the soldiers to kill all his friends.The soldiers were mad becaused they were accused of realeasing some garganoids from there prison,but in reality it was not them.With some much power conssuming pyrosmaster,he was not able to think and see clearly,in a bitter rage,he slaughtered all of his friends.He soon found out after he killed them all.So 5 years of nightmares of his friends had driven pyro to the point where he must have his revenge against the legendary soldiers of vestoria.Pyrosmaster soon with his pyrus abilities destroyed the sacred temple unleashing abilities to slaves.The soldiers were not happy with this so they then sent apollonir to see the death of his son pyrosmaster.


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