These are pyrosmaster weapons he uses in the story,there the exact thing,also its like a dictionary of what they are

The Blade of VestroiaEdit

152px-Blade of olympus render

The blade of vestroia is the most strongest weapon made EVER!.It was used in the great war and was used to banish the garganoids to the doom dimension.The blade was made for apollonir,but then passed on to pyrosmaster.The blade can steal power and make it more powerful.When the blade is at full power,the blade can kill anyone in a instant.

The Blades of PyroEdit

638px-Blade of exile render

These twin short swords have a hook design that can swing people around.The blades were given to pyro by lars lion as a curse,but pyro maneged to make it into a weapon by combing the blades with the chains.These blades can some how control fire.

The Claws of ExedraEdit

Claws of Hades

The claws of exedra have a hook design like the blades of pyro that can swing your enemy around.Whats special about them is that they can steal anyone soul and then that soul can carry powers that then the user can use.These claws were given to exedra in the great war.

Golden Fleece

The golden fleece that was given to apollonir in the great war by the smith maker.The fleece can block or reflect ANY! attack,it it that powerful that it can block the blade of vestroia.It was damaged in the great war,but then fixed by the smith maker and then given to pyrosmaster.

The Nemean CestusEdit

489px-Cestus render

The nemean cestus are a pack of gauntelts that pack a punch!.Theystun your enemy and can break through anything.When banged against the floor,it can cause earthquakes.When hit together like a clap,it causes a sonic boom causing the area to turn white and stun all enemies(use might get hurt a little).

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