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( Blade Dragonoid cuts through the blast, easily )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Discharge! ( Volcanic Dragonoid discharges volcanic heat that paralyzes an opponent )

( Blade Dragonoid gets trapped, paralyzed and damaged by burns )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Ultimate Explo-charge! ( Used after Volcanic Discharge, the volcanic heated field explodes )

Crimson) *In whisper* Ultimate Ability Activate! Shattered Dimension! ( Blade Dragonoid slashes the opponent with a huge amount of darkus energy into his blade )

( Blade Dragonoid frees his one arm )


( The field explodes )

( Volcano Dragonoid flies out of the field and returns to his ball form )

Pyro) Well...I lost this round, I'll just have to do better in the tag tournament

Crimson) *Walks to Pyro* Good game...*Extends hand*

Pyro) Good game *Shakes Crimson's hand*

10 minutes later, in a snowy field...

Aero Tails) I hate water...

Kyuubi) I know, ever since that slash...

Aero Tails) Yep...

Jolts) Ability Activate! Dark Flamer! ( Phoenix covers his body in a black flames and charges into his opponent )

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! Aeroic Charge! ( Aero Tails uses his jet pack and rockets into the opponent )

( Aero Tails crashes into Phoenix and gets covered in black flames )

( Phoenix falls back )

Jolts) Ability Activate! Dark Flame! ( Phoenix covers his body in black flames and releases it towards his opponent )

( More snow melts as the blast moves forward )

( Aero Tails lays on the snowy ground as the black fires burn him )

Kyuubi) Aero, move!

( Aero Tails rolls, avoiding the blast )

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! Rawraid! ( Aero Tails rawrs with such force, a beam is created )


( A massive beam heads towards Phoenix )

Jolts) Ability Activate! Blazing Protection! ( Phoenix burns the beam for protection )

( Aero Tails jumps into the air )

Kyuubi) Ability Activate! 9-Tails Crush! ( Aero Tails slams the opponent with his nine tails )


( Water splashes )

( Phoenix returns to his ball form )

HD900 vs. PB900, Kyleronco vs. PG! Episode 10

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