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Pyro and DG vs. DF and Trent! Episode 67 Part 1/2

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DF) Trent...Remember the plan?

Trent) Yeah...I remember the plan

DF) TELL whisper...*Brings ear to Trent's mouth*

Trent) *Whispers* Have Elorian hide in the hole Werewerra made...

DF) Then what?

Trent) *Whispers* Sneak attack...

DF) Good

( Trent throws Elorian into Werewerra's created hole )

( Meteonoid, Elorian, Volcano Dragonoid, and Darcano Dragonoid come out of their ball forms )

( Elorian lays down )

Pyro) DG, remember our plan

DG) Yes

Pyro) Then lets follow it!


DF) Ability Activate! Cosmic Showers! ( A rainbow of colorful comets fall to the ground )

( Rainbow comets appear in the sky )

Pyro) Ability Activate! Volcanic Blast! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires a magma blast at his opponent, from his chest )

( Volcano Dragonoid releases a volcanic blast at a pink comet )

( The pink comet breaks into pieces )

Pyro) ...

DG) Ability Activate! Darcano Blast! ( Darcano Dragonoid releases a black, volcanic blast towards his opponent )

( Dacano Dragonoid releases a blast towards a yellow comet )

( The yellow comet shatters into pieces )

DF) Ability Activate! Darkstruction! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires a dark comet from his palms )

( Meteonoid releases a dark comet from his palms )

DG) Darcano, in front of you!

Darcano Dragonoid) I know! *Fires a blast at Meteonoid's created comet*

( Meteonoid's comet takes Darcano's blast out )

( Volcano Dragonoid fires a blast at Darcano's blast )

( Both blast get taken out )

( Darcano Dragonoid releases a blast at a green comet )

( The green comet shatters into pieces )

( Volcano Dragonoid releases a blast at a blue comet )

( The blue comet breaks in half )

( Meteonoid releases more of his comet blast )

Darcano Dragonoid) Geez...This is tiring! *Fires blast at Meteonoid's comets*

( The comets in the sky and on the ground keep moving )

( Volcano Dragonoid fires a few blasts at the falling comets )

( The orange, red, and purple comet break )


Volcano Dragonoid) What?


DG) Pyro, keep your cool

Pyro) I AM...DG...Use Blackburn! Ability Activate! Volcanic Charge! ( Volcano Dragonoid charges into the opponent with a heated aura )

DG) Ability Activate! Blackburn Clipper! ( Darcano Dragonoid generates dark heated energy and charges into his opponent with his blade wing )

( Volcano and Darcano Dragonoid fly on opposite sides )

( Comets start crashing into the ground )

( Smoke arises )

( Volcano and Darcano Dragonoid turn to face Meteonoid and charge )

DF) *Whispers* Ability Activate! Dark Discussion! ( Shadow Meteonoid disappears into shadows )

( Smoke covers Meteonoid, Volcano, and Darcano Dragonoid )

(' Meteonoid disappears into the smoky shadows )'

( Volcano and Darcano Dragonoid crash into each other )

Volcano Dragonoid) ...

Darcano Dragonoid) ...

Pyro) D*MN IT!


( A broken comet hits Darcano's head )

Darcano Dragonoid) What the heck...

Pyro and DG vs. DF and Trent! Episode 68 Part 2/2

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