Volcano Dragonoid
Title Volcano Dragonoid
Attribute(s) Pyrus Pyrus


Volcano Dragonoid has four wings. The two upper wings have the Pyrus symbol, while the lower two don't. His chest has a small volcano shaped cannon.


  • Volcanic Charge- Volcano Dragonoid charges into the opponent with a heated aura
  • Volcanic Blast- Volcano Dragonoid fires a magma blast at his opponent, from his chest
  • Volcanic Discharge- Volcanic Dragonoid discharges volcanic heat that paralyzes an opponent
  • Ultimate Explo-charge- Used after Volcanic Discharge, the volcanic heated field explodes
  • Volcanic Rust- Volcano Dragonoid heat his fist up and punches his opponent
  • Dark Duration- Volcanic Dragonoid fires black ash from his volcanic chest that darkens and makes the surrounding area denser
  • Volcano Recuperation- Volcano Dragonoid creates volcanoes out of the ground
  • Volcanic Eruption- Volcano Dragonoid's volcanoes fire rocky boulders on fire

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Volcanic Erupt- Volcano Dragonoid fires an intense beam from his volcanic chest
  • Magmafied Eruption- Volcano Dragonoid boiled magma underground, by releasing his energy to the ground, in an aura

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