Attribute(s) Pyrus Pyrus
Variations Pyro Dragonoid

Volcano Dragonoid Varcanous Dragonoid

Partner Pyrosmaster
First Appearance -
Pyro Dragonoid


Is a bakugan with two wings, a tail with a pyrus symbol on it, and a two wings, with a silver color in-front. The wings also have a pyrus symbol. The pyrus symbols can absorb energy and turn it into attack power. Pyro Dragonoid can mix metal with his attacks. Magma can also be found in it.


  • Pyros Blaster- Pyro Dragonoid fires a fire blast.
  • Pyrotanium- Pyro Dragonoid fires a blast with some metal in it
  • Magma Wave- Pyro Dragonoid makes a wave of magma with his tail.
  • Flaming Wing- Pyro Dragonoid attacks his opponent with his wing on fire.

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