Project Gene is a video game made by ZieStudios, it shall be the berst game evar. It is based off of Megaman, which is basically why the character is like, looking like megaman.



Maxon has black spiked like hair and wears a "dark blue" shirt that has a "crimson/red V" on it,

(Note the V indicates he is part of the Vexa Agency)

Maxon wears black pants and wears BLUE SHOES that look like Megamans "shoes", or atleast, they are spiked like blue shoes.

Maxon has a light like skin too.

Maxon always carries weapons with him, they are equipped on each arm

LEFT ARM: Maxon has a bow attached to his arm like thing that grapples onto objects. The bow design looks like Crosstriker

RIGHT ARM: Maxon has a zero point energy gauntlet that looks like Syndrome from the Incredibles

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