( The lava vibrates and rises as Possessed Aero Tails remains hidden )


( Possessed Aero Tails jets towards Flameblaze Roxanoid and Gemention Volf )

( A rift and waves of lava form as Possessed Aero Tails gets closer )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) *Tries to move* COME ON! ROCKS-A-NOID CAN'T BE STUCK!

Gemention Volf) HELLO!

Flameblaze Roxanoid) *Looks at Volf* H-BYE! *Throws Volf towards Aero Tails*


( Gemention Volf crashes into Possessed Aero Tails )

( The rift closes, covering Gemention Volf's and Possessed Aero Tails' bodies )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) And Rocks-A-Noid is still stuck...

[ Meanwhile, with Wolfgang ]

Wolfgang) So...Dad, want to help?

Wolf) Nope

Wolfgang) ...

Wolf) Why are you shocked, you know I retired before...

Wolfgang) Just...

Wolf) And you don't need me...Wolfgang, like everyone here...They know Nintendo and you have it handled...

Wolfgang) I wish that was right, but it isn't handled...Dad, I need you...

Wolf) You don't...Just watch...

[ Meanwhile, back at the battle ''']

( Lava bubbles beside Flameblaze Roxanoid )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) Stuck like a tree, in the ground, unmovable...Th-

( Possessed Aero Tails comes out of the lava, colliding with Flameblaze Roxanoid )

( Flameblaze Roxanoid crashing into an upper barrier wall with Possessed Aero Tails on him )

( The barrier wall shatters; Flameblaze Roxanoid and Possessed Aero Tails fall out )

( Flameblaze Roxanoid lands on his feet (from a backflip), while Possessed Aero Tails charges towards Flameblaze Roxanoid )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) *Staring at barrier* Looking good *Moves palm across head* Oh yea-O_O *Jumps*

( Possessed Aero Tails flies through the barrier wall )

( Lava flows out of the barrier, burning the ground )

Flameblaze Roxanoid) O_O *Absorbs some lava, causing his tail to grow*

( An explosion of red crystals happens )

*Sheild generators spark* OVERLOAD! OVERLOAD! SHUTTING DOWN IN 10...9...8

( Possessed Aero Tails flies through the barrier wall again )


( Flameblaze Roxanoid swings his tail )

( Possessed Aero Tails crashes through the barrier for a forth time )

( Ghostaloid flies out of Aero Tails and charges towards Gemention Volf )


( Gemention Volf charges an attack )


( Ghostaloid enters Gemention Volf's body )

SHUT DOWN ACTIVATED! *Electricity blasts into Aero Tails and Gemention Volf*

( Aero Tails and Gemention Volf turn to their ball forms, while Ghostaloid leaves Gemention Volf's body )

( Flameblaze Roxanoid absorbs more lava )

( Ghostaloid gets shocked and turns to her ball form )

( The barrier walls shut off )

Everyone) ...O_O

( Lava leaves the field )

( Flameblaze Roxanoid quickly absorbs all the lava )

2 minutes later...

Nintendo) Roxanoid, what's wrong?

Flameblaze Roxanoid) *On ground, choking* Don't know, just...just get back!

Nintendo) No...

Flameblaze Roxanoid) Do it!

Nintendo) I-

Wolfgang) No, come on! *Grabs Nintendo and pulls him away with Wolf's, Kyuubi's, and Mike's help*

( The ground starts to liquefy )

Nintendo) LET ME GO! *Struggles to get free*

Mike) ...

( Flameblaze Roxanoid glows a very bright red )

Nintendo) ROXANOID! *Continues to struggle free, mistakenly kicking Mike*

Mike) DAD! *Cries*

Nintendo) ...*Stops*

( Flameblaze Roxanoid blows up )

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