Attributes Ventus
Partner Zion
First Appearance Holiday Event - Wolf

Description: Edit

A Bakugan with a porcupine's quills over his back and a banger's body shape. His quills are light green, with light blue quills making a smiley face. Red quills make up honeycombs throughout his quill-covered back. He has no fur, just reptilian skin. The scales on his body are decorated in a raccoon like pattern of red to green. The tip of his scaly tail ends with blue; the tip is more like a stinger. His eyes are covered by a mask, increasing his ability in daylight.


  • Liquire- Porcoone releases a mixed blast of fire and water from his mouth
  • Burrowing Strike- Porcoone digs with his sharp claws, making a tunnel and coming up towards the opponents, slashing them
  • Sharpfire- Porcoone shoots a few quills at his opponent, they catch fire upon being fired
  • Fireball Eruption- The inserted quill takes energy from the ground, releasing multiple fireballs from its top
  • Erupted Geyser- The inserted spike turns blue, draining the ground of moisture, and releases a burst of heated water
  • Liquiburn Slash- Porcoone slashes the opponent with heated water come out of his claws
  • Pain Roller- Porcoone rams the opponent back first, rolling off the opponent slowly afterwards
  • Vortex’s Rage- Porcoone’s grounded spike gathers energy from the air and releases a beam at the opponent 

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Sacred Abilities:Edit

  • Metamorphosis- Porcoone’s quills and scales all stick up like a pine-cone, allowing Porcoone to morph into his real form

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