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Nurse Joy: You're pokemon are ready.

Everyone got there pokemon.

Megan: Go, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Pikachu pooped on the floor.

Nurse Joy: Ew! Get this Pikachu out of here and clean this stinky mess up!

They cleaned up the poop and left.

Matthew: Pikachu, you pooped on my shoe!

Everybody was hurting Pikachu's feelings and Pikachu ran away.

Megan: No! Pikachu, wait! We didn't mean to hurt you're feelings! We won't do that again!

(Pikachu kept walking and bumped into a giant Kecleon)

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Then someone battled the giant kecleon.

Michael: Who.......

Michael & Jack: Who are you?

???: My name is..............

To be continued.

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