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Not offencive to people named Sam

(At the Pokemon Center)

Jack: You haven't met my Pokemon yet, here they are.

(Lets the pokemon out)

Jack: This is my level 100 Pikachu and this is my level 8 derpy Magikarp named Sam.

Pikachu: Pikachuuuu!

(Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Jack and Jack fainted)

Megan: Jack, are you ok?!

(5 minutes later)

Jack: Whoa, what happend?

Michael: You fell unconscious for five minutes. Atleast your ok.

Matthew: have a level 100 Pikachu! Awesome!

Megan: I wish I could have a level 100 Pikachu. But I like the name Derpy Sam Magikarp.

Jack: Nurse Joy can you please heal our Pokemon.

Nurse Joy: Who's we? I don't see anyone.

Jack: Really!

Nurse Joy: Just joking.

Jack: Oh. What a relief.

Team Rocket: Wa waa waaa!

Michael: What the heck happend to Team Rocket?!

Matthew: Atleast they're babies so they can't get us.

(Team Rocket shoots a lazer at Matthew)

(Matthew falls on the floor)

Matthew: Or maybe they can.

Jack & Megan: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu & Pikachu: Pikachuuuu!

(Hits baby Team Rocket away)

Team Rocket: Waaaaaaaa!

Stay tuned for next part.

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