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???: Stop this madness!

Matthew: Who are you?

???: My name is Jack and I want you to stop battling you guys must be furious!

Michael: Actually we're not. We are just training for the Berrylong Gym leader.

Matthew: Why did you just march in and say that!

Megan: Whoa! Whoa! Stop Matthew. (pulls on Matthew's shirt) He could be a nice guy and he just misunderstood.

Jack: Yeah! why did you have to try to kick me!

Matthew: Actually I was just going to put a "Kick Me" Sign on the back of you.

Jack: Oh you!

???: Stop this!!!

Michael: Who are you?!

Team Rocket: We are Team Rocket and we are here to capture you're Pikachu!

Meowth: Hey! Bad idea!

Jessie: What is?

Meowth: Saying to capture Pikachu. Now it's not a secret you dumb heads!

James: How now you don't call me and Jessie dumb heads! Wait actully call Jessie a dumb head but not me!

Meowth: (Quietly puts a Kick Me sign on the back of James's back) (Kick's James)

James: Why'd you do that Jessie?!

Jessie: That was Meowth I saw him put a Kick Me sign on your back and then kick you.

James: Meowth!

Megan: They're having there own fight quick leave!

(Everyone left)

Meowth: Look they're gone! (Meowth jumps off the hot Meowth air balloon)

Stay Continued for next part.

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