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Michael: Guess what? I think we should train first then battle the gym leader.

Matthew: Like that's a good idea. (Being sarcastic)

Megan: Hey, Matthew?

Matthew: What's wrong Megan?

Megan: The game thing hasn't been going on for a while.

Michael: Megan, me and Matthew are friends, and I had this voice thing to make the game talk. Your not really inside a video game.

Megan: 2 things, #1. If you and Matthew are friends why'd Matthew introduce himself to you?

Matthew: We were both pulling a prank on you that's why.

Megan: Okay, #2. WHY'D YOU GUYS DO THAT TO ME!

(Megan cries)

Michael: Megan, we're sorry
Ice cream

Pikachu: Pika Pikachu.

Charmander: Char Char.

Squirtle: Squirtle Squirt.

Matthew: Megan, cheer up. How about ice cream? Will that cheer you up?

Megan: Mhm.

Matthew & Michael: Okay, let's go get ice cream!

Ice cream Man: What would you like today?

Megan: Can I have double Vanilla in a cone please.

Matthew: Can I have double Strawberry in a cone please.

Michael: And can I have Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla in a cone please.

Ice cream man: Coming right up. Here you go.

Megan: Dig in!

(They ate it all)

Matthew: That was great!

Megan: I changed my mined and I want to do Pokemon Contests instead so let's get training!

Stay tuned for Pokemon Part 6

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