Megan: I want to fight all 8 gyms and compete in the Pokemon League.

Matthew: Cool. I want to do the same thing!

Megan: Hmm, which gym should I go to first? Oh! I know! Berrylong gym!

Matthew: Yeah, we should go there first, because I heard the gym leader is very nice and the town is beautiful.

Megan: Okay, Berrylong gym, here we come!

Pikachu: Pika Pikachu!

Matthew: Hey, I never noticed you had a Pikachu. Aww she's so cute!

Megan: How'd you know it's a she?

Matthew: I just guessed.

Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Megan: Okay let's get training! Come out Sparky!

Sparky: Pidgey!

Matthew: Hey, Megan, how about I battle Sparky with one of my Pokemon?

Megan: That would be great!

Matthew: Go Charmander!

Charmander: Char! Char!

Megan: A Charmander huh?

(Uses Pokedex)

Pokedex: Charmander is a fire type Pokemon. When you touch it, it screams.

Matthew: You got the first move.

Megan: Thanks. Sparky use gust!

Charmander: Char!

Matthew: Charmander are you okay? Okay Charmander use flamethrower!

Stay tuned for the next episode to see if Sparky gets hit with that flamethrower.

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