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Now let's see if Megan caught a Pidgey.

(Pidgey got out of the Poke Ball)

Megan: Wow! This Pidgey... *Looks down at script*... Must be strong! Okay, Pikachu use thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuuuuu!

(Now Pidgey fainted)

Megan: Go Poke ball! *Throws Poke Ball*

(Pidgey got caught!)

Megan: Alright!

Game: Would you like to nickname Pidgey?

Megan: What the heck was that?

Game: Well, Would you like to nickname Pidgey?!

Pikachu: Pika?

???: This is a Video Game. Your inside a Video Game. The game is asking you if you want to name the Pidgey you just caught. So what do you want to name it?

Megan: Umm.... I want to name it Sparky.

Game: Okay, nickname accepted.

Matthew: My name is Matthew, but people like to call me Matthew.

Megan: Hello Matthew, my name is Megan.

Matthew: Do you want to travel together?

Game: Yes or No?

Megan: Yes.

Stay tuned for next time.

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