Megan: Few. I'm glad that's over.

Matthew: If any more robots come to destroy me I'm going to get them.

Jack: I don't think you're strong enough to beat a robot.

Matthew: You wanna fight?

Jack: No no no. But I could make fun of you all day.

Matthew: What stuff do you have to say about me?

Jack: You're a jerk, you're weak.

Matthew: What did you just say?

Michael: STOP!

  • Everyone stares at Michael*

Michael: What?

???: Just stop fighting.

Michael: Oh. You weren't looking at me you were looking behind me.

  • C22 whispers to Matthew*

C22: She's beautiful.

  • Matthew says out loud*

Matthew: C22 thinks you're beatiful!

C22: Matthew!

  • C22 gets emberassed*
  • C22 hides in the bushes*

Megan: LOVE!

Casella: I'm Cassella. I'm the Berrylong gym leader.

Megan: No one noticed that I said "LOVE!" You guys must be def.

Matthew: I know someone who wants to battle you.

Cassella: Who?

Matthew & Jack: Hey C22! *They screamed out to him*

Matthew: Jack, you stay out of this or I'll beat you up!

Jack: Uh!

  • Matthew goes to C22 to get him out of the bushes*

Matthew: Battle Cassella!

C22: I don't want to battle my future girlfriend.

  • Matthew laughs*

Matthew: Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Matthew runs back over to Cassella*

Matthew: C22 said, " I don't want to battle my future girlfriend."

  • Everyone laughs*

Cassella: He should know I'm not going out with him. It's obvious. He's short and I'm tall. He's a bit chunky and I'm skinny. We just don't match up.

Matthew: Hey, C22! Cassella said she doesn't want to go out with you.

C22: Noooooooooo!

To be continued

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