Bryan: Bryan's the name.

Matthew: Nice name. Should've been To be continued.

Megan: Ha ha really funny. (Being sarcastic)

Michael: Thank's for saving Pikachu. If Pikachu was lost Megan would be pouding and crying because Pikachu means the world to her.

Jack: It's hard to tell which Pikachu is which.

Bryan: Got to go now.

Matthew: Bye!

Megan: Bye!

Michael: Bye!

Jack: Bye!

Megan: Pikachu, don't run off again please.

Pikachu: Pika! Jessie: Wa ha ha ha ha! Team Rocket is here again! (There is a bomb hid in Team Rocket's Balloon)

Team Rocket: Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!!!!!!

(Jack pushed the "That Was Easy" button)

To Be Continued

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