Pokemon Nebula is the ninth generation pokemon game. It takes place in the Tenma Region, a futuristic like region with the best technology. The region is completely fanmade and doesn't really resemble real life locations.


The story takes place primarily in Aster Academy, you return their often and after you beat a Gladiator (think Mystery Dungeon, when you keep coming back to the Wigglytuff Guild)

You meet lots of friends (and rivals) in your school. The school is separated by 3 dorms (based on the Kanto Starters) and there are a lot of facilities to explore. You typically just learn about pokemon in the academy - quizzes about pokemon biology, footprints, type effectiveness, battle styles, and more.

The Tenma region is a futuristic region. The technology is very advanced, the best out of any region. The whole region runs on Infinity Energy (you know, from ORAS - it all comes together!) but the machine that harnesses the energy exploded in the past, it split apart a sector in the region that was not cared for. As a result, people died there, only a few people live there and now there are pokemon with too much energy gone berserk.

The machine that caused havoc to the region is the Animudi created by Yliaster Corp, they are the greatest scientists in the pokemon world. Your father was one of them, he died in "The Animudi incident". There are only a few scientists remaining in the region, the others presumably died. They actually survived and return as "Alkahest" with mechanical pokemon not from this world.

(These mechanical pokemon are from the Non-Mega Universe, used to fight off the UBs. They went haywire due to the ultra wormhole energy and that Xurkitree kept messing them up. They returned to their original dimension to stop the future where the same event happens in the Mega Dimension but additionally the Animudi breaks down again and destroys the entire region.)

You explore the sectors of the Tenma region fighting off the sectors "gladiator". You occasionally get into some tournaments (inspired by those stupid Battle Clubs from the Best Wishes anime).

The antagonist team is Team Orion, their attire is similar to Team Plasma and similar to Wisemans clothing from Bakugan. They appear to be sealing up trainers and pokemon, but for what purpose?

One major arc in the game is in the Alpha and Beta Arc. They are feuding sectors, one is for the rich, the other for the poor. The council of Tenmas Roger is an evil man trying to start havoc between the two. You also get thrown in jail by that rotten man. Roger is a part of Team Orion.

You get two new students in the academy, Aria (whose parents were killed by Alkahest) and Claude (cool rich dude like Klaus from Bakugan) The first part of the villain arc begins when you discover that the academy is training people to become soldiers for Team Orion. You infiltrate the secret floors of the academy and battle some elite trainers until you reach your rivals father, Leo Aster. Eventually you will meet Alkahest (for the first time?) on a train because they're trying to do something

You reach the Tenma Conference, this is your key to enter the league. A tournament of 7? battles with the toughest AI using items. In the second round it is interupted by one of the Alkahest members, he messes with the battle bots (which are robots who know how to use pokemon, tasked to protect the region from crime) so you must protect the viewers and crap because they are attacking. You battle one of the Alkahest members, then they truly reveal themselves from here.

The final part of the story is after you beat the champion. The story is far from over, a floating object appears from the sky trying to crash down. It is Alkahest, planning their final attack. The council tells everyone to evacuate for cover as doomsday is coming. With the help of your friends you enter the crashing object to stop the threat. You must solve puzzles and battle some Alkahest drones. The major battles include ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS, Aria, and ...something else and finally YOU FROM THE FUTURE (aka "Zero"). This is the Elite 4 part 2 but even more difficult, each battle has some cheap tactics which keeps you at a disadvantage. The "final boss" is Zero, who uses the Mechanical Pokemon (all at lvl 70). Once he/she is defeated, the object is breaking, Auragon flies and rescues you, but Zero stays behind and stops the object from causing damage to region - thus sacrifcing himself/herself.

Months later, you have now claimed the title of champion. Many of your friends now have moved on and its time for the graduation battle at Aster Academy. Leo has become a good guy and is helping the regions future now.

The graduation battle has 7 battles, your opponents have a full team using items (including z crystals and megas). Their team is based off the stats. The final match is against the professor (the principal) with a team based off all pokemon stats.

Something strange is happening meanwhile, the power of Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina is resonating... Solgaleo and Lunala too?


some stuff that plays a role in the storyEdit

  • Dianas tree (pokemon version)
  • Elixir of life
  • Prima materiala and philosophers stone
  • Realgar
  • Orichalcum and an underwater city


Virtual BattleEdit

A new form of battle that involves us taking control of the pokemon... instead of spamming earthquake constantly. Synchronize with your pokemon like Ash and Greninja. This is a new battling style similar to Kirby Air Rides City Trial and Kid Icarus Uprising Online Mode, it takes place in a virtual arena and there are powers scattered around.

You can play this on the go too, using your smartphone.

ALTERNATIVELY, the second concept is that it doesn't involve your party pokemon. It is just you, the trainer. There are cards that come to life in virtual reality which display holographic pokemon that feel real. There are other cards around the field you can use to aid you in battle. but this sounds really stupid

the whole virtual battle concept may be removed

PokeGear MK2Edit

The PokeGear has been upgraded, it has a lot of new features and additional apps. The most interesting app is T.A.P, a Siri like program that assists the player. It's like the Rotom dex but it can also give information about opposing pokemon in battle (think Tattles from Paper Mario)

New PokemonEdit

  • solar system legendaries
  • Chinese Symbols (primary legendaries)
  • Grawky/Beakoal/Quaker
  • Zodiac Pokemon (not legendaries, some have evolutions)
  • Parasite (Water/bug)
  • Samurai (Steel/Fighting): Bulky attacker, used by the Fighting Gladiator.
  • Ninja (Ghost/Fighting)
  • perseus (Dark/Fighting): Signature pokemon of your primary rival
  • Trapeze Clown (Fairy): based of trapeze artist, has the ability Long Reach
  • ??? Clown: May be a masquerade like pokemon
  • Pirate Pokemon (Ghost/Water): pirate like pokemon, its ability forces the pokemon who killed it to be switched out, pretty useless tho...
  • Numbers: These are mechanical Pokemon invented by the scientists in the Tenma region. They have 570 BST, only able to be caught in the laboratory postgame. The Yliaster admins use them against you except for one (Apex) which is used by Leo Aster. When sent out in battle, they look different than their actual form. Their appearance is like a closed Bakugan (but they aren't spherical) and once you attack, the pokemon will be unleashed! In their Inactive Form, their stats are halved.
    • Number 1: Horologium (Steel/Psychic): A giant robotic golem looking thing. It's like the Meklords from Yugioh. These were the first ones created and massively produced to protect the region.
    • Number 2: Virtuaman (Electric/Fighting): A cybernetic/plasma warrior
    • Number 3: ???
    • Number 4: Mechanical Falcon (Steel/Flying): It resembles the Bakugan Altair/Aluze/Wired.
    • Number 5: Duradrake (Steel/Dragon): A robotic dragon that can have weapons attach it to further increase its power. Built for war.
    • Number 6: Drill Dozer (Ground/Fighting): looks like gran panzer, a little bit of tribute to game freaks Drill Dozer too.
    • Number 7: Cord Serpent (Electric/Poison): A serpent that looks it was made of electrical plugs/cords/circuits. It can cause power outages and it can fire gamma rays.
    • Number 8: Apex (Dark/Bug): looks like the bakugan apexeon
    • Ultramon (Normal): No information is available, but it never should have been created. It's too powerful.

New MovesEdit

  • Positive Realm: Any stat lowered will be negated, 3-5 turns. Fairy move.
  • Crimson Flare: The user unleashes massive flames, it will hit anyone adjacent to the user (like Earthquake). The move destroys hazards. 110 BP, 80% accuracy Fire Type move.
  • Hyper Force: The user concentrates, the next move they use has its power doubled. Does not work with Z-Moves. Normal Type move.

New AbilitiesEdit

  • Metamorphosis: The signature ability of the Number/Mechanical Pokemon. When sent out, they will be in their Inactive form. These resemble closed Bakugan but the pokemon aren't spherical, their stats lowered by 75% until they are Active. You cannot inflict status conditions until you make a direct attack. Once the pokemon is attacked, they will transform into their true form and unleash their power. It is kind of like Shields Down/Disguise in one ability (but these pokemon cannot learn Substitute)
  • Underworld Hook: When a pokemon with this ability is defeated, it will automatically force the opponent to switch their pokemon, regardless of conditions.

Gladiators of TenmaEdit

These are the gym leaders/kahunas. One for each sector. They have unique trials and a different battle style.

  • Noboru: A fighting type specialist, his trial involves battle royals. During the fight with him items are disabled - it's a steadfast battle of the samurai
  • Destiny: A psychic type specialist, the battle is an Inverse battle (and the trainers in the arena do this too) the trainers are also very intelligent and can predict your moves. The arena also has puzzles that will test your mind.
  • Kaiser: A thug dude, basically one of those motorcycle black jacketed people I guess? He uses Scrafty and Honchkrow. His trainers are tough, and you are punished in battle as each round involves you facing status conditions and stat decreases. Kaiser says "only the strongest trainers can win in the harshest conditions".
  • ???: Is a electric type specialist, the first one I think. She has memory puzzles, her battle is a rotation battle.
  • ???: Is a Fairy type(?) specialist, the arena is a circus show. You will face a few trainers but a majority of it involves facing strong wild pokemon (which are basically just Totem Pokemon) until the final act - against the gladiator! Just to make things more worse fun, your moves are switched out - you won't know what you'll choose!

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