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Matthew: Sorry, Cassella, but we have to go. We'll battle you another time.

Cassella: That's fine. I'm not really up for a battle anyways.

  • Everyone says bye

Megan: Mr.Krabs I have an idea! (From Spongebob)

Michael: Who's Mr.Krabs?

Megan: Have you never watched Spongebob?!

Michael: Oh!

Megan: Yeah, Oh! So anyways I was thinking that if we want to get stronger we need to catch another Pokemon.

Jack: I need another Pokemon.

Matthew: So you can get as strong as me.

Jack: Not true. I'm getting another Pokemon because I want to get stronger to be the "Master!"

Matthew: Yeah, sure.

C22: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Du Du Du Du Du Dora!Du Du Du Du Du Dora! (Song)

Megan: A Froakie!

Matthew: A Scyther!


Jack: A Totodile!


  • Everyone says Go Pokeball!
  • They all caught the Pokemon they wanted

C22: Horray!

Jack: Woo!

Megan: How about we make our Pokemon friends.

Michael: Sure.

  • All the Pokemon came out
  • They made friends

Jack: Hey, I think I need to leave. I have too much stuff going on.

Michael: Oh, I understand. :(

Jack: Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

C22: I think I'm going to quit this journey thing also.

Megan: Why, C22?

C22: Just like Jack said I have too many things going on.

Megan: :(

C22: Don't worry. I'll be back soon.

Matthew: Bye!

Michael: Bye!

Megan: Bye!

Jack: Bye!

C22: Bye!

  • Jack and C22 leave

Megan: I guess we'll never see them again.

Michael: Yeah we will. Remember what they said? They said "Don't worry. I'll be back soon."

Megan: Right!

Matthew: Come on! Let's keep going!

  • They kept going
  • Megan bumped into someone

Megan: Oh, I'm sorry.

???: That's okay.

Megan: My name is Megan.

Matthew: I'm Mattew.

Michael: I'm Michael.

???: I'm the great Outcast Wolf. People call me Wolf.

Megan: Nice to meet you.

Wolf: Do you want to see my Pokemon?

Michael: Sure.

Wolf: Here they are.

  • Wolf sends out Shiny Fennekin and Shiny Noibat

Fennekin: Fennekin!

Noibat: Noibat!

Megan: Here are our Pokemon.

  • Megan, Matthew, and Michael send out their Pokemon

Megan: This is.....

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Froakie: Froakie!

Matthew: This is.....

Charmander: Charmander!

Scyther: Scyther!

Michael: This is.....

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Wolf: It's nice to meet them.

Megan: Hey, Wolf?

Wolf: Yeah?

Megan: Do you want to travel with us?

Wait for the next episode to continue on.

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