Original ConceptsEdit

  • The name was originally "Pokémon Earth and Sky" in development.
  • The starters included an Ifrit, Salamander, and Golem. The Golem starter eventually became Armatallion.
  • Vermilion and Azure was the first title, the legendaries would be based of the Four Symbols, Vermilion's legendary would be based off the Vermilion Bird and Azure's legendary would be based off the Azure Dragon. Also, the region was based off of China.
    • The Azure Dragon legendary became a new dragon/fairy type Pokemon.
    • The Vermilion Bird legendary became Zephyros.
    • The Black Tortoise Pokémon never ended up getting to further development.
    • The White Tiger legendary became a new Ice type Pokemon.
  • The rival would be named Ryan, the characters would be Matthew or Lucy.
  • The evil Team was originally Team Terra
  • A new type called Sound-type would be introduced, it could have been effective on Water types possibly - the idea was quickly scrapped. A Pokemon with the Sound Type exists in data.

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