Pokémon Emerald 241 is a ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald to include all 202 Pokémon from the Hoenn Pokédex into Pokémon Emerald Version. Not only does it have those 202 Pokémon, but there's also the 46 other Pokémon from outside the Hoenn Pokédex (Though you only get one Johto Starter, so subtract 6 from 246 and you got 240), plus Aerodactyl 4 teh lulz (Making 241, hence the number in the title).


  • Pokémon from Ruby & Sapphire that were not in Emerald have been added to their former locations.
  • Treecko and Torchic have been added to Jagged Pass.
  • Mudkip has been added to the water of Dewford Town.
  • Aerodactyl has been added to Desert Underpass.
  • Tall grass placed around the white rock at Mossdeep City. Jirachi can be found in said grass.
  • Altering Cave now contains the Pokémon from the unreleased events.
  • Event-exclusive items have been added to the Overworld:
    • Aurora Ticket is in Mossdeep City.
    • Eon Ticket is in Artisan Cave.
    • Mystic Ticket is in Sky Pillar.
    • Old Sea Map is in Abandoned Ship.
  • A few items were removed from the Overworld to make room for the Event-exclusive items (Blame my poor ROM-editing skills).


The ROM can be downloaded here: (Current version is 1.1)

A Game Boy Advance Emulator is needed to play this ROM. I recommend Visual Boy Advance. You can download it here:

Update ChangesEdit

Version 1.1Edit

  • Evolutions that happen by Trade have been changed into happening by leveling up.
  • Default Pokémon names are now a capital followed by all lowercase instead of all caps.

If you encounter any problems, report them to me in the comments and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

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