Wolfgang) Daddy... Promise me, you'll not kiss Mommy like that...

Wolf) I can't promise that... You'll understand when you get older

Wolfgang) I'll never kiss a girl!

Wolf) Okay... But you never know...

Wolfgang) I know I will never kiss a girl!

Serenity) You know Daddy thought the same thing...

Wolfgang) O_O ( Runs into his room and slams the door )

Wolf) ... okay...

( Wolf pulls two cokes out of the refrigerator )

( Wolf sits down next to Serenity and hands her a coke )

Wolf) So umm... Hows May been?

Serenity) She's been fine...

Wolf) I got to see her again...

Serenity) You know she's asleep right now...

( Wolf opens his coke )

Wolf) I know, I can wait

( Cookie comes out wagging her tail and charges at Wolf )

Wolf) OH S***!

( Cookie crashes into Wolf )

Wolf) Um... OW!

( Cookie starts to lick Wolf )

Wolf) I still got the coke... ( Holds it up ) Serenity, honey... can you hold this?

Serenity) Sure! ( takes Wolf's coke )

Wolf) She's gotten bigger...

Serenity) She has?

Wolf) Yeah...

( Cookie gets off Wolf and Wolf gets up )

KellynKaz) AWW!

Demiser) What a cute dog...

DarkNovaX) We've been here for a day and you guys haven't noticed their dog...

Wolf) Umm... I don't remember taking those three over here...

Serenity) They came here a day early...

Wolf) Umm... Okay...

Airzel) Okay! It's plan time!

Crimson) Yay!

Nuzamaki90) Okay.

Frosting128) I want to listen...

Scar-RedNovaDragon) This cave is packed!

Wolf) I like my home...

Airzel) Hello? We need to plan this out!

Wolf) Okay... But I'm doing this my way!

( Wolf gets his coke back and limps to Airzel, to stare him down )

Wolf) And my way clearly states that Red and me, don't brawl because we're a surprise. Meaning who ever is brawling will brawl and Red and me will hide!

Airzel) Actually... That plan might work... They think your dead, so it will freak their a**es off!

Wolf) You know what... I'm going to see May... ( Walks into his room )

Serenity) Wolf, wait up for me... ( Walks in to her room )

Airzel) Hmm... What are they going to really do in there!!_Episode_34


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