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Scar's second guardian bakugan.



He is Scar's secondary Bakugan. Photon first met Scar when he and Quasar were training on planet Phaze. Quasar was corrupted by Phazon and Photon saves Scar and Quasar from the Darknut Attacks. Originally a Pyrus Bakugan, he was corrupted by the Purple Phazon and now has Crimson Amor. His Abilities use strong fire blasts that are powered up with laced Phazon. Even though he is not as strong as Blazar Dragonoid, he is still powerful and is used by Scar whenever Blazar is injured. He and Blazar are good friends but often disagree on things.


Pyrus and Darkus


Pyrus/Darkus Photonoid favors strong and offensive attacks. His powerful flames are know laced with the dark and purple Phazon, increasing his attack's strength to uncalculable heights.

  • Deamon Meteor(Pyrus/Darkus)- Flying high above his opponent, Photonoid gathers large amounts of Pyrus energy into his mouth. When the amount reaches it's peaking point, Photonoid launches it out with one huge blast and the flame gains a dark coloring as it's spreads out into seperate comets and attacks the enemy like meteors

Ultimate Ability:Edit



Fusion between Blazar Dragonoid and Photonoid.




  • Hyperburst Phazoction! ( Blazonoid charges into the opponent with Phazon splattering all over the opponent

Ultimate Ability:Edit

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