Attribute(s) Crystalic Aquos Crystalic Aquos
Partner May
First Appearance MoCC: Episode 11



Has four furry legs and a tail. Has rubbery sapphire wings, a snout, and a body. Her snout has a beak for a mouth with sharp teeth. She has a head guard that can glow sapphire and manipulate water.


  • Flushing Waters- Penifle's head guard glows sapphire; waters swirl into a waterpool
  • Sapphire Headbust- Penifle crashes into the opponent with her sapphire head guard

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Tag Abilities:Edit

  • Tsunami Burst- Dolloid creates a large bubble that bursts into a tidal wave, while Penifle releases waves from her wings. Both waves collide and grow into a tsunami

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