Gender Female
G-Power 2750g
Attribute Haos
Role Balanced
Variations Pantralious
Bakugan's Partner {{{Partner}}}
Protagonist or Antagonist Antagonist

Description: She has sharp, reflective wings of rectangular panels. Her body is made of a thin dragon's body covered with dull-white, mirror armor. Her arms have little cords.

Personality: Sly, greedy, and uses an opponent.

History: Hacking

Gane OverEdit



Keyboard Controls:Edit

  • Q -
  • A -
  • Z -
  • W -
  • S -
  • X -
  • E -
  • D -
  • C -
  • Shift -
  • Ctrl -
  • Space -
  • Right Arrows -
  • Left Arrows -
  • Upward Arrows -
  • Downward Arrows -

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