Panik is a Hero!
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Gender Male
Race Phamians
Affiliation Hero
Style Balanced
Fighting Style Unpredictable Strikes
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Abilities Ghost Physiology
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A male Phamian with white hair and thin, gray skin. He wears a droid costume over his armor to give him an intimidating and mysterious look. One could say he has a black heart or no heart at all since he has a large, black hole in his chest. No creature can see into the hole in his chest; when he reveals the hole, it's to instill fear or release an orange beam with gray sparks at his opponents.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Scythe -


He loves scaring others whenever he possibly can. By coming out of walls, acting dead, and sneaking up on others, he achieves enjoyment of others' fear. From time to time, he has visited other realities such as Susalus and Omenta with other Phamians. When Telans believes they were safe from invasions, Panik and other Phamians visited to scare them. Their first intention was not to kill, but due to their nature of becoming angry after being ghost for a few hours, a battle took place. Panik would kill 23 Telans; his most significant kills were of Guardian Atticus and Elite Soldier Landon. Once all Phamians left Omenta, an estimate of 1,250 Telans were lost.


  • He seeks enjoyment in scaring others.
  • Mysterious towards his allies.
  • Becomes more violent the longer he does not change to his ghost form
  • Oddly enough, he can also be comical.



Unique Attacks:Edit

Strongest Unique Attacks:Edit


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