*grunting noises*

Nickname(s) Yin-Yang
Gender Female
Role Hero
Team Team Animal Spirit
Partner(s) Talonscar, Lon-Lon, Tommi
Ability(-ies) Beastly strength
Weapon(s) Claws, teeth

Panda is a Giant Panda warrior in Figure 10: Digital Rev. She is part of the Real World Troops and her partners are Lon-Lon, Tommi, and Talonscar.

Overview Edit


Ai-Ai riding Panda to school


Panda is actually the pet of Ai-Ai and the official mascot for Ai-Ai's school. She was Ai-Ai's pet before she became mascot. She usually rides her to school. Before Ai-Ai adopted Panda, she was just a regular bear cub born in China in a group of 4. One notable thing is, because she grew up around humans all her life she became somewhat anthropomorphic and is able to understand human speech but obviously cannot speak back. She is also able to stand longer than other bears on two's. Also, she can do someone of martial arts and trains with Ai-Ai in her free time.


As a giant panda she has a normal appearance of black and white fur.  She is follows Ai-Ai's appearance and has two orange glowing bracelets on her front legs.


Panda has a normal personality of a panda, except she is not at all hostile, (pandas become hostile and dangerous when they feel threatened). She is kind and loving and can sometimes be anxious and impatient. She is sometimes greedy and is always nudging Ai-Ai for bamboo. She is always energetic.


She has no special abilities except for her strength that almost all pandas have. She has more power in her arms and paws. Because of her years of proper training with Ai-Ai she has enhanced her strength and stamina. She also sometimes uses her claws as weapons as opposed to her teeth which she would rarely use.


  • Despite being Ai-Ai's pet and close friend she is in different teams. 

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