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Attribute Aquos
Brawler Jack Frost
First Appearance R-Evolutions Christmas Special - Part 1

Paladice is an Aquos Bakugan and one of the two Guardian Bakugan of Jack Frost in R-Evolutions Christmas Special - Part 1 and R-Evolutions Christmas Special - Part 2.




Paladice resembles a knight, covered in light blue armor made of thick ice. Paladice wears a blank visor and helmet with a point in the back on his head, concealing his face. Additions to Paladice's armor include extended and pointed shoulder guards, and guards around the midsection, giving the armor a resemblance to Battle Armor. On Paladice's armor, there are several diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs from playing cards etched into the plating. Paladice also wields a cyan sword with a star-shaped hilt, and a cyan shield with golden trimming.


R-Evolutions Christmas SpecialEdit

Ability CardsEdit

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