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Soltaros Galaxy:Edit

  • Soltaros: The shining orange or purple sun of the Soltaros Galaxy. He is the creator and ancient warrior of his reality. There is no one stronger than him with his unmatched power villains want to control and heroes want to prevent from doing so.


  • Pacentus: Son of Sylity and Ascentus, he is a mold-breaking Speporan, who is looking to achieve wings like his parents.
  • Ascentus: He is Pacentus' father, Sylority's husband, and one of Spepora's nine winged guardians.
  • Sylority: She is Pacentus' mother, Ascentus' husband, and one of Spepora's nine winged guardians.
  • Exentus: He is the coach of Pacentus' class, a friend of Pacentus' parents, and one of Spepora's nine winged guardians.
  • Brutantus: He is a strong Speporan, who happenly is Sprantus and Pacentus' bully.
  • Momentus:
  • Relity: She is the girlfriend of Brutantus. Similar to Pacentus, she isn't strong.
  • Sprantus: Like Pacentus, he is bullied by Brutantus. He is one of Pacentus' two friends at Spetra Academy.
  • Racitus: He is considered to be Spepora's wrecking ball at a height of almost 8 feet with a muscular body. He is Pacentus and Sprantus' other friend. Racitus is also a soldier for Spepora's army.
  • Kacity: Relity's best friend
  • Seyentus: An Elite Guardian of Spepora
  • Lentus: An Elite Guardian of Spepora
  • Torentus: An Elite Guardian of Spepora
  • Mentus: An Elite Guardian of Spepora
  • Zyasity: An Elite Guardian of Spepora


  • Cynthia: A young Telan, who lost her mother via suicide when she was young and father during Omenta's invasion. She works with Dr. Splite as a nurse.
  • Dr. Splite: The top doctor on Omenta and a fatherly figure to Cynthia. After the death of Cynthia's father, he took care of her and taught her medical practices.
  • Atticus: A deceased elite warrior for Omenta and Cynthia's father.
  •  ???: A deceased Telan nurse and Cynthia's mother.
  • Finian: A soldier of Omenta
  • Mateo: Another soldier of Omenta
  • Landon: Captain of a squad of soldiers
  • Cylade: A member of Omenta's security team, who guards Omenta's powersource.
  •  ???: Queen of Omenta


  • Proxic: A young Tachyen, who's being mentored by Commander Nero to fulfill his shoes when he's gone. He is loyal friend to Princess Ectrica.
  • Princess Ectrica: An Elergy, who fleed Elergy to avoid becoming queen one day and carry out her parents' villainous plans.
  • Commander Nero: Leader of the Soltaros Galaxy's police, who has unfortunately been siding with villainous ideas.
  •  ???: Tachyon's secret weapon, which is chained up and locked away in a room beside Tachyon's powersource.
  •  ???: Soldier of Tachyon
  •  ???: Another solder of Tachyon


  • Infermus: The only surviving Infernal on Latrova.



  • Aqyia:
  • King ???:
  • Queen ???:
  •  ???: Soldier of Nero
  •  ???: Another soldier of Nero




  • Vinily: A controller of plants, she considers herself to be the Queen Bee of Amona. However, she is not the actual Queen.
  • Rosario: One of Venily's knights
  • Thornage: Venily's other knight


  • Rax: A muscular man with supernatural strength, who lives in a prehistoric time. He has a helmet resembling a Triceratops' head and the spikes from a Stegosaurus' back fused into his body.
  •  ???: Member of Rax's group
  •  ???: Another member of Rax's group



  • Wraith Aensland Erosnia: One of the Apostles of Darkness' strongest warriors.
  • Calypso Y. G: Apostles of Darkness member
  • Roza N. V: Apostles of Darkness member
  • Brack X. F: Apostles of Darkness leader
  • VRZ: Apostles of Darkness co-leader





  • Athena:
  • Vernis: Legendary entity, current statue, housed inside the Queen's magnificent palace. 
  • Ciarah: A powerful Anicien able to access the afterlife. She is married to Spepora's legendary warrior, Holomakus. Ciarah is the Queen of Anicie.  
  • Holomakus: A missing Speporan thought to be dead for twenty-five years. He is originally from Spetra and is honored annually by Spetra Academy's Holomakus Memorial Race.  

Blucanotia: Edit

  • Bludclot: The king of Blucanotia and ruler of Anewal. He was once associated with the Apostles of Darkness, however, he still has good ties with the manipulators of darkness. He came from Earth and learned how to manipulate blood with Blood Magic and darkness from the Apostles of Darkness.

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