• Initius Village: (where you start)
  • Merca Town: Small town with a few traders, there is a school with the first trial captain
  • Port Nava: A town where ships take off, you start the ship minigame here.
  • Piscatoris Town: A town with a few people, lots of Pokémon to fish here.
  • Castra Town: A town with log cabins in Mordar. People are afraid of "werewolf and vampire pokemon" coming to attack them. There is some girl who tells the story of "The Three Little Tepigs & The Big Bad (Werewolf Pokemon)"
  • Shantay Town: Arab/egyptian like town, there is a jewelery shop there that sells evolution stones.
  • Arcane Village: A very secluded village with lots of trees
  • Ariolus City: A city full of Psychics.
  • Silvarbor Town: A town that is basically a giant treehouse with lots of mini houses (it's like Fortree City from Gen 3)
  • Spartan City: A cool gladiator like city! The Pokemon Games and Battle Colosseum are located here.
  • Kilaronga City: A jungle like city, originally inhabited by tribal people but now fisherman and other tourists are welcome.
  • Congregate City: A city full of trees and fishing spots. There are lots of spots to plant berries here. Farmers, fisherman, and lumberjacks come here.
  • Asgardia City: A city that does not welcome people who aren't native to the city, it is full of viking like people and some hikers.
  • Menephis City: Another arab/egyptian location but bigger, it is like Dubai or something. The Ground Type captain lives here.
  • ???: A town with hot springs and mud baths.
  • Eastern City
  • Eastern Town 2 (dragon town)
  • Eastern Town 3


  • Athasus: The biggest "city" in the game, has the clothing and salon shop there with lots of shops. There is a castle there.
  • Military Kingdom: Full of knights and it is full of white people, a castle is located there. The Steel Type (final trial captain) Captain is there.
  • Mordar: A dark kingdom that used to be different, now most of the land is swamps and dead trees and is full of scary Pokémon. It is east of Athasus and the only way to access it is either going north of Shantay Town or through a bridge in Athasus. The Poison Type captain is there.
  • Kingdom 4

Other PlacesEdit

  • The Digsite: Northeast of Athasus is an archeology site where the second trial captain (Rock specialist) is. He gives you the regional Fossil.
  • Polypore Cavern: A cavern with mushrooms and Poison Type Pokémon, nothing much to do here. It is near Shantay Town.
  • Skaphos Badlands: Apparently it used to be another kingdom but wars broke out and eventually most of the kingdom was destroyed. Now the only thing that inhabits it are ghosts and recently, "vicious Pokemon". To defend the kingdom of the deadly pokemon, a large ditch and wall structure was built. A guard makes a joke that references Donald Trumps comment about building a wall but doesn't mention his name
  • "Underground Pass": West of Kingdom 4 is a underground path that leads you to Arcane Village, a very secluded area.
  • Illusion Forest: A forest in Arcane Village that is really the Fairy trial, it is a maze.
  • Kilaronga Jungle: A large annoying jungle to navigate
  • Kilaronga Ruins: Ancient jungle ruins where the "Orb of Fire" is located.
  • Kilaronga Volcano: A volcano, but there is a cave near it which is really the Fire Trial.
  • Pidgeot Peak: A mountainous range that has a lot of windy weather.
  • Mt. Frostentooth: Another mountain that is snowy, Ice Pokemon and mainly the Hati/ice wolf pokemon are located here. You get to it from Spartan City in order to cross into Congregate City
  • Askeladden Mountain: A bigger snowy mountain, legends say that Kyurem sleeps in a cave on the peak of the mountain.
  • Mount Olydeus: A big rocky mountain range which is considered "Victory Road" that is north of Spartan City. This is your path to the Pokemon League.
  • Osiris Pyramid: A large ancient pyramid which is technically the Ground Trial location. A legendary snake pokemon lives in it.
  • The Ancient Temple: A very large temple that has a portal leading to different worlds.
  • The Heart of Skaphos: An underground cave where the mascot legendary rests, the place is covered with trees and roots and Pokemon who enter it feel a powerful divine energy.
  • Void Island: An island shaped like a portal, it is kind of like Bermuda Triangle I guess? The Dimensional Knights stay there and the UBs have apparently taken refuge there, but why?
  • Shrine of Balance: A sacred shrine in the eastern part of Skaphos, the legendary Auragon sleeps there.
  • Omniscient Stronghold: A barricaded fortress near Askeladden Mountain, guarded by many vicious Pokémon. This is the big villain hideout.
  • The Viking Cave: A rocky cave with rock and electric pokemon that you must go through in order to get to Asgardia City.
  • The Monastery: A monastery taken over by the Omniscient.
  • Cypress' Lab: It really isn't big but there is a library full of Skaphosian history and some machines. It is located in the Athasus Kingdom.


  • The Trail: Unofficial route
  • Route 1: Small path with a long river and a gate that leads to Shantay Town
  • Route 2: A route with trees and a farm where you catch the Yak pokemon.
  • Route 3: Some trail with trainers
  • Route 4: Short path with rocky terrain that leads to the 2nd trial.
  • Route 5: A shady path with mountains and a monastery
  • Route 6: A path with swamps and dead trees
  • Route 7: A very long path with ditches and abandoned houses
  • Route 8:

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