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  • Z Moves now do 50% damage if the opponent uses Protect, but the attacks are fully blocked if you use Z-Protect or Barricade. Certain Z-Moves can break through protect though (like Aegislash' Z-Move)
  • Ice Type resists Water
  • Ice Types gain 50% Spc Def in Hail now
  • Berserk now increases Spc Atk AND Atk at half health.

Pokemon can now learn...Edit

  • Silvally can learn Earthquake now (FINALLY)
  • Snorlax can learn Slack Off (#makesnorlaxgreatagain)
  • Ferrothorn learns Spiky Shield (now stalling will be more hell)
  • Infernape can now learn Drain Punch (FINALLY)
  • Ambipom now learns Tail Slap
  • Rapidash, Ninjask, Lycanroc, Zebstrika, Greninja, Crobat, Staraptor, the Eeveelutions, Talonflame, and Sceptile learn Extremespeed from the Move Tutor. (No salamence nor pinsir because they would be even more OP) BUT STARAPTOR WITH PRIORITY YEEE
  • Bronzong can now learn Heal Bell (that buff :^))
  • Togekiss can now learn Moonblast (why did they give it the fairy typing)
  • Whirlipede learns Rapid Spin
  • Hawlucha can now learn Body Slam and Submission (120 BP submission about to kick your a*s)
  • Solrock and Lunatone learn Morning Sun and Moonlight leveling up

Move Buffs/NerfsEdit

  • Submission now has 120 Base Power, the 25% damage taken is changed to 1/3 damage taken with recoil and has 100% accuracy. The move has been moved to be learned at higher levels for those who could learn it. It's basically a Fighting Type Flare Blitz/Wood Hammer
  • Octazooka now has 80 base power and 100% accuracy, the 50% accuracy lower chance still remains.
  • Iron Tail now has 80% accuracy
  • Cross Chop now has 85% accuracy
  • Knock Off now has 60 base power (scizor OP)
  • Payback now has 60 Base Power
  • Focus Miss now has 80% accuracy, but the damage is now 110
  • The Elemental Fangs now do 70 base damage, accuracy remains the same
  • Multi-Attack now has 100 base power
  • Earthquake now does 95 damage (WHAT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!)
  • Dragon Rush now has 120 base damage, but the accuracy is now 70%. Flinch chance remains.
  • FLAME CHARGE NOW HAS 90 BASE POWER, FINALLY A GOOD FIRE TYPE PHYSICAL MOVE MANY CAN LEARN. It has a 30% chance to increase speed and 10% chance to burn. Flame Charge now is learned at higher levels for anyone who can learn it.

Stat ChangesEdit

  • Silvally now has 600 BST with 100/100/100/100/100/100 (BUFF MY N*GGA)
  • Mega Garchomps stats have changed, the new stats are 108/160/115/110/105/102 (#makegarchompgreatagain)
  • Mega Heracross stats have changed, the new stats are 80/180/115/40/105/80 (#makeheracrossbetter)
  • Mega Banettes stats have changed, the new stats are 64/160/75/93/83/80 (#makebanettedosomethingnowthatgen7nerfedthemega)
  • Mr Mime has +10 defense now
  • Ledian has new stats, 55/90/50/45/80/90
  • Magcargo gets +10 in Spc Def
  • Smeargle gains +10 in Speed and +10 in Defense
  • Scrafty gets +10 in attack

Ability ChangesEdit


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