How did the Pokémon world come to be? Did these Pokémon just live there? Who are their creators?

  • 5 Ancient Beings were born from an egg.
  • Somnum was the youngest, it was a horrifying creature who may have created the Ghost, Dark, and fighting types. It was very weak and often dreamt abominations (The Ultra Beasts)
  • Astus was the eldest, it formed the entire lands of the Pokémon world and may have created the Rock, Ground, ice, and steel types
  • Caelum was the third one, it may have created the Fire, Water, Grass, Normal, and electric types. It used its power to give life to the world, through the weather and divine energy. According to the legends "Telos" was created by Caelum to protect the world as a last defense (until a child caught it in a master ball)
  • ??? created many creatures (Bug and Flying Types) to give the worlds population

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