The trials are much bigger and feature a battle with the captain, you fight a boss pokemon (aka totem pokemon) in certain trials. There are also corrupted pokemon which are exactly the same as Boss pokemon but aggressive.

Trial 1: The SchoolEdit

Go to pokemon "school" and battle a few trainers and the captain ____ who uses normal types and a Yak Pokemon. There is no Boss Pokemon but there is a "corrupted pokemon" shortly after.

Trial 2: The ExamEdit

You passed school but now you have to do an archeologist exam with ____ some students give you help. You then battle the captain who uses the two fossil pokemon. There is no boss pokemon but there is a "corrupted pokemon" in the middle of the trial. You get a strange stone which will be explained after the 3rd trial.

Trial 3: The Potent Potion MixerEdit

A simple trial where you learn how to make mixtures as you gather ingredients. The captain uses the gila monster pokemon and you'll encounter some corrupted pokemon while searching for ingredients.

Trial 4: The WoodsEdit

Get rid of all the bugs, that's pretty much it. The boss pokemon is (scizor?) and the captain uses the regional bug pokemon.

Trial 5: The Haunted House(?)Edit

Explore a haunted mansion and find all the ghosts who are hiding. You will encounter Haunters and Litwicks. The captain Shawn has the tombstone pokemon and the boss pokemon is Necroar who will use Uproar.

Trial 6: The Forest MazeEdit

Navigate through a forest maze, you may find some Shiiontic or other Fairy pokemon. The trial captain uses Howlwyr (Fairy/Fighting pokemon) and the totem is a corrupted Florges.

Trial 7: ShipwreckEdit

Travel to the fishing town and help repair the mans ship, you will encounter corrupted water pokemon and eventually a shiny (mega?) gyarados.

Trial 8: The Champion of the VolcanoEdit

Go through a volcanic like area and battle the strong trainers of the volcano. Apparently you have to make shapes out of fire to proceed to each room. The trial captain uses the final evo of the fire starter (because I didn't want to add another fire type) and the totem is Volcarona.

Trial 8.5: The unofficial trialEdit

Impress the locals to gain access to the icy region of Skaphos.

Trial 9: Mountain ClimbingEdit

Use your ride pokemon to climb the large ice mountain. You will encounter Fenrir, the boss pokemon who has all its stats boosted. At the top you will fight the trial captain, he uses the Wyvern pokemon.

Trial 10: Pyramid PlunderingEdit

Search a booby trapped pyramid and solve puzzles to find the treasure room. There is no boss pokemon but you encounter some corrupted pokemon along the way. At the end you fight the captain who uses the scarab/dung beetle pokemon.

Trial 10.5: The Evil WithinEdit

Enter the "Hell dimension" and fight some very strong corrupted pokemon as you make your way to Magnus. Magnus uses a stat boosted team like Lusamine. Defeat Magnus and battle a weakened "Typhon" who has all its stats raised.

Trial 11: The Final TrialEdit

A simple trial with tests of knowledge and a few battles. No corrupted pokemon or boss pokemon this time. You have a double battle against the one captain.

Where are the other Z-crystals?Edit

  • The grass specialist is in the treeforest like town, battle her and get the Grassium Z.
  • The electric specialist is in the observatory, battle him and get the Electrium Z.
  • The flying specialist is near the Water trial at the windy peak, battle him and get the Flynium Z. He uses the peacock and macaw pokemon.
  • Faust the Fighting Specialist is part of the Elite 4. After the (3rd?) trial you will enter a dojo where he will teach you Z-Moves and Mega Evolution. He carves your "Synchro Bracelet" and battle him to get the Fightium Z. Go back to the 3 trial locations to get the Poison Z, Normalium Z, and Rockium Z.
  • ??? The Psychic Specialist is part of the Elite 4. You encounter her early in the "big city" and you can have a battle with her to get the Psychium Z (this is only after you get the Synchro Bracelet)
  • ??? The Dark Specialist is part of the Elite 4. You encounter him near the 5th trial and he helps you defeat Omniscient grunts. He gives you the Dark Z crystal.
  • ??? The Dragon Specialist is part of the Elite 4 and the sister to the Ice Captain. She gives you the Z-crystal by talking to her.

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