This is how I think the story should go for my "fangame" PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME BITS ARE MISSING SUCH AS THE RIVAL ENCOUNTERS + there may be other areas/plotpoints

things to addEdit

  • More plotpoints
  • more locations (specific)
  • more rival encounters
  • there was supossed to be a Ghost Captain who uses a banshee pokemon
  • some details are switched around
  • corrupted pokemon may play a role
  • Telos needs an explanation how he suddenly saves the day

meet some charactersEdit

  • Elite 4 Crowley: Gambler dude like Grimsley. He helps you battle the Omniscient.
  • Elite 4 ______: She is a fortune teller who you meet really early in the game. She uses Triflecta, the mirror pokemon.
  • Elite 4 _____: She is a dragon user and the sister of the Ice Type Captain.
  • Elite 4 Faust: He's the guy who teaches you Z-moves and mega evolution after the 3rd trial.

the storyEdit

  • You start at a tiny village
  • There is a small training camp that you have to obviously wait 1 hour for another stupid tutorial (but you can skip this) and you battle your rival for the first time.
  • You go through some bridges and some farms as you head to the kingdom like city, you do your first trial - POKEMON SCHOOL
  • You start to notice the Omniscient in a secret hideout as one battles you
  • You make it to a small market village and there is a haunted house, but it isn't open.. yet. You also meet your female rival and battle her (she uses the weaker starter)
  • You make it to the (TBA) which looks medieval like, lots of stores. You go east to the construction site to get to the Rock Trial. You also get introduced to "The Underground"
  • You have to pass an archeologist test and beat the Rock Captain who uses the Two Fossil Pokemon. You will now be able to use Z-Moves(?) after beating the trial and Klaus battles you for the second time.
  • One of the royal advisors says something is happen east across the mountains, it is the Omniscient again. You find one of their monasteries and battle ___ who uses a Gargoyle Pokemon.
  • Head further east to find the dark looking kingdom that has "evil pokemon" such as a Vampire and Werewolf pokemon scattered. The environment is swamp like.
  • You notice some deserted badlands north (which is a part of the story)
  • You find the Poison captain, she wants you to do recipes (this is an introduction to Mixtures) and she uses a gila monster Poison/Ground pokemon.
  • You can explore the "Shantay Town" and find "masked person" for the first time. There is a boat that leads to the "dungeon minigame"
  • Go back
  • You reach a seaport (where you can start the ship minigame which is like farmville or somethin) and later a beautiful kingdom city. This city is where the final captain (Steel Type) is. You may do some other stuff and battle Omniscient along the way (The bug guy appears)
  • You enter a small town with a famous woodland area and the Bug Trial is in the woods. You have to find some Bug Pokemon and the trial is a maze.
  • In the south is a trading city with lots of food from different regions.
  • If you choose to go west you find some fishing areas and caves. A few Omniscient grunts appear here.
  • South of the trading city is another town and another swamp like area, nothing much to do there as that will be available later.
  • Further west is a treeforest like city, there is no trial here (at least, I can't think of adding on here) but there is the Pokemon Farm
  • There is a windy area with a tall mountain, perhaps there could be a Flying Trial Captain there who uses a Macaw and Peacock Pokemon. OR a ghost captain. Not sure how the trial will work out.
  • Across that mountain is an underground pass, the admin with the Gargoyle Pokemon appears again as the Omniscient secured the area.
  • Exiting the underground pass leads you to secluded forest where the Fairy Captain is in a village.
  • Urgent news from the royal advisor, you must go to the "Badlands" and fight The Omniscient as one of the spies have uncovered a plot in yet another temple they have built.
  • You enter the badlands, wild pokemon WILL ATTACK you. Don't expect repels to help you that much. You battle Magnus for the first time, he uses a demon pokemon that is Fire/Fairy.
  • It seems The Omniscient are trying to summon legendary Pokemon(?) by collecting 4 elemental orbs. One is in the "jungle city", another is in some sea cavern, the third is on an ice mountain, and the last one is in the desert. These orbs will open "The Gate" which will access the "hell dimension" (later in the postgame it accesses portals to catch certain legendaries)
  • You gotta go find Gill to get to the "jungle city" but he is also the Trial Captain who is somewhere past that windy mountain in a fishing town.
  • Gill has a trial, help him fix his ship and stuff. He uses Swaster (swordfish pokemon) and apparently the totem is "Shiny Gyarados".
  • You can now head to the "Jungle City" where the Omniscient are starting to make their move by scouring ruins. The trial is in a volcanic area and you must defeat trainers and the super trainer (the captain) and finally... Entei! who guards the volcano.
  • Scour tribal areas, defeat Omniscient grunts. Pandora appears(?)
  • Head back to the middle of the region, now you are going north after speaking with Dionysus, a wise man because something Magnus needs is in the north in the mountainous range of the region.
  • You enter the viking city/village. There is a "trial" (BUT IT ISNT AN ACTUAL ONE, you must impress the locals) and then you head to the icy region!
  • The icy region has the Ice Captain, you must CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN! Near the peak you encounter the totem, Fenrir and at the peak battle the captain, she has a Ice/Dragon wyvern pokemon.
  • Near the mountain is Magnus' Fortress, the big base of the evil team. You will have to fight Poppy (an admin) once you enter and there will be a lot of puzzles. You will battle Magnus for the second time at the end and it is revealed that "masked person" is actually Athena and she is Magnus' daughter.
  • The Omniscient has finally begun their plan by collecting all the orbs, but first you gotta battle the Ground Type Captain as you finally make it back to the arab town to explore the bigger desert like areas of the region. The trial goes into a pyramid where you solve puzzles. The captain uses a "dung beetle/scarab pokemon" and I'm not sure what the totem is going to be.
  • IDK what happens next, but eventually we're going to enter the ancient temple which is a gateway to different dimensions. You battle the elite followers and there is a double battle with two admins near the end until Magnus jumps into the portal. You, Apollo, Klaus, and Athena enter it as well.
  • Magnus has entered the "Hell Dimension" where Typhon is located, he has gone crazy and wants to release Typhon from that place alongside the corrupted pokemon to rule the world. Magnus and Athena were turned evil by Typhons dark energy, this is why there is so many strange pokemon.
  • You enter the "hell Dimension" and battle totem like pokemon who attack you until you reach Magnus.
  • Apollo comes and so does your two rivals, you fight off the corrupted pokemon and there is a massive dialogue and stuff. You fight Magnus, his pokemons stats are boosted. After that, you battle Typhon who has a massive stat boost - yet it seems like it has been weakened by some force.
  • Typhon is not defeated, but its control on Magnus is gone. Telos comes to save the day and you all escape.
  • Head north to the large mountain plain
  • Most of the other areas are unlocked now, some are opened in the postgame.
  • Head back to the "beautiful kingdom" and fight the final trial captain who has quizzes and battles until you finally face off against the Steel Type user. It's a double battle. WITH ONLY ONE PERSON, NOT TWO. There is no totem pokemon.
  • You can now head to the league. Although there was an ice mountain, it isn't the biggest mountain. This mountainous area is Victory Road, both rivals challenge you. You may notice there is an ice temple somewhere alongside it, that is where the "fifth elemental legendary" is but only is available postgame.
  • Go to the league, battle Psychic/Dragon/Fighting/Dark Elite 4 and the champion who has the psuedo legendary and Mega Metagross. You beat the game.
  • nice ending and stuff
  • Now EVERYTHING is open postgame, and so is the battle colosseum AND you can head to the "archipelago" in the east. Legendaries are there and other tough trainers.
  • The other legendaries areas are unlocked.
  • There is a fake Grass and Electric trial somewhere.

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