Chapter 1: The New AdventurerEdit

  • The game begins with Magnus with exploring gear exploring some ruins until a portal opens and he falls in, he finds himself in a dark like abyss where red eyes start to paralyze him. Magnus starts to change and his mind becomes different. He is suddenly teleported out and a shadow of the evil legendary pokemon "Typhon" is behind him, the game begins now.
  • You have lived your life in Initus Village and now you are old enough to get your first Pokemon from Professor Cypress, a professor who studies the history of the Pokémon world and mythology has invited you and your friend Klaus to pick your first pokemon.
  • You enter some castle like area and meet Cypress, he gives you the choice to pick "Dolphin", "Grass Horse", or "Fire Ox" and Klaus picks the pokemon that has the type advantage. You and Klaus battle.
  • You get your pokedex and stuff (it is a tablet, which has Skype) and head to Route 1, a path with some trees and to the east is some gate to Shantay Town (which you can't access yet) and you get a tutorial how to catch pokemon, oh boy.
  • Route 2 is where you start to battle trainers, the route has a large river going to the north and some farms, you can catch the baby yak pokemon here.
  • You enter Merca Town, not much to do here. There is a small market that sells you the regular pokemon goods like potions, there is a school there! Cypress comes and introduces you to the challenge of the Skaphos region - The Skaphos Trials. There are 11 trials that test the bonds between you and your pokemon, the captain ____ introduces herself and invites the player to enter the school which the trial is at.
  • You battle Klaus again, he caught the regional bird pokemon.
  • The trial is to answer some questions and battle the school kiddies until you battle the trial captain, who uses the yak pokemon.
  • You get the "Rising Medallion" for defeating her, get 10 more medallions and you can enter the pokemon league.
  • After leaving the trainer school you notice a suspicious outsider walk away. Cypress asks you to come to the library.
  • You enter the library and meet Cypress who just chats with you, he says you should go to "Mila" which is in the north.
  • You're done but you can check out the spooky manor a little bit north which has some ghost pokemon.
  • Head west to Port Nava, a town with lots of ships that will take you to new places later in the game. Nothing much to do there, few items you can get. You get the fishing rod though and battle a guy with magikarp. YOU CAN START THE SHIP MINIGAME HERE, BUT YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO TRULY EXPERIENCE IT UNTIL THE LATE GAME
  • You need to get past Route 3: Challenger Trail and fight a few trainers.
  • Go north to "Mila" a kingdom city with POKEMON KNIGHTS! There are a few stuff to do, you can change your hairstyle here. You enter the castle and meet Apollo, the champion of Skaphos. You also meet the last trial captain ____. Cypress and Klaus arrive and Apollo starts to talk about recent events involving a cult called "The Omniscient" who has done bad things such as stealing pokemon and harassing innocent people, they seem to know quite a lot about the ancient history of the region (are they the illuminati?). You split up after agreeing to stop them if seen. NOW YOU CAN HEAD TO THE BIG CITY
  • Route 4 is a a short path but has some rocky like terrain, you meet some dude named "Jones" who introduces you to the mining/underground minigame

Chapter 2: The Cult From The ShadowsEdit

  • You arrive at Athasus, a large kingdom city bigger than Milaba. It's the biggest city in the game, there is a clothing shop, different shops (some are unlocked after getting a certain number of Medallions), and a cafe. You gotta go west towards the museum and you encounter Jones again, he's the second trial captain. Near the castle is actually the lab of Professor Cypress, he gives you the EXP share (sorry but it's still not gone).
  • You can enter the Fortune Tent and meet Penelope (who is actually an E4 member), a woman who can tell the future. She says "you will save us all and become the strongest trainer ever"
  • You get a cutscene and meet the female rival, Alice. She challenges you to a battle. She uses the starter weaker to yours and Ralts.
  • Now you can go to the Archeology Site and begin the trial, you have to take an archeology test which involves questions and doing other stuff. The trial captain battles you as the final part of the test, he uses the two fossil pokemon.
  • You got the "Sturdy Medallion"! Jones tells you that you're a strong trainer and gives you a "mysterious rock" which is going to be explained after the 3rd trial. There is also a student who gives you one of the new fossil pokemon.
  • One of the royal advisors asks you for help to go to the east to Route 5: Midnight Plains because he encountered the rising cult "the Omniscient" there and they have taken over one of the monasteries.
  • There are a few trainers there and this is when the evil team is introduced, you have to break into a controlled monastery and fight a few Omniscient grunts and an elite one. Then... Iban appears. Iban is an admin and he uses the gargoyle pokemon and Zangoose(?). After you defeat that old man the evil team flees.
  • The gate is lowered so you can enter Mordar, a dark, swamp like kingdom. Route 6: Mordar Swamps has some poison pokemon to encounter, a strange Grimer surrounded by a shadow like aura pops up and attacks you. This is the introduction to the corrupted pokemon. The captain ____ notices you and takes you to her house.
  • You arrive at "Castra Town" a town with log cabins, the third trial captain talks about those pokemon and doesn't know why they are like that. Klaus arrives to the town and fights you. He now has Starter/regional bird/pokemon weak to your starter.
  • The third captain reveals herself as a trial captain and you start the third trial. She introduces you to "Mixtures" and that is basically the trial, find ingredients but deal with the "corrupted pokemon" along the way. The boss pokemon is a corrupted Muk who has one of its stats boosted. At the end of the trial you battle the captain, she has Salandit/Golbat/Gila monster. She asks you to talk to her friend Isis who can be found south in Shantay Town.
  • Go across the Route 6: Hallowing Ditch and battle a couple of trainers until you find "Pandora" another admin of The Omniscient. She uses Misdreavus and Seviper (or Sevenom?)
  • You're at Shantay Town, talk to Isis (the 10th trial captain) and she hypothesizes that the "corrupted pokemon" you encountered may be a result of the energy of a legendary pokemon. She also tells you that this problem is coming from "Skaphos Badlands" which is north of Mordar and Athasus. It is a destroyed area from ancient times and now is home to ghostly pokemon and some of the corrupted pokemon. (you actually can see this area in Athasus but the guards will not let you pass, they make a joke in reference of Donald Trump trying to build a wall stating that a large ditch is not protection and they need to bigger a larger one)
  • You can now exit Shantay Town through that gate that you saw in Route 1, but suddenly a masked figure approaches you and challenges you! The masked person uses Nidorina and the Gemini pokemon.

Chapter 3: Journey Across SkaphosEdit

  • Trials 4-6, you encounter Poppy and he uses Bug pokemon and Araxious.
  • The masked person appears again after the 5th trial.
  • When going across the Underground Pass to trial 6 the Omniscient are there and so is Iban again. This time he has the evolution of Zangoose.
  • After the 6th trial you are called back to the castle in Athasa and you have to go into Skaphos' Badlands for the first time (to find the Omniscient) and encounter a lot of corrupted pokemon there. You can't use repels there but you only initiate battles if you are attacked rather than just running through the area.
  • You encounter Magnus for the first time, he uses ???, Nidoking, and Lethemon (second stage of the demon pokemon) the plot of the Omniscient is revealed and they want to summon legendary Pokémon to take over the world. You report this back to one of the advisors and Apollo hears about this.

Chapter 4: The Omniscient RisesEdit

  • They've been looking for 4 orbs that are locked away, the first one was taken and the next one is at Kilaronga Island. You seek help from Gill who is also the 7th trial captain.
  • You board the ship across the seas to Kilaronga Island, lots of surfing here. First you do the 8th trial in a volcanic area where you must defeat smarter AI and the captain while during "fire puzzles"
  • Omniscient was tracked down at the jungle ruins, you double-battle alongside the Fire trial captain against Pandora and an Elite Omniscient follower. The heist succeeded and the Omniscient retreat with 2/4 of the orbs. They are going to the viking area next.
  • You go to ____, a viking like city but must do an unofficial trial to impress the locals and proceed to the icy parts of Skaphos.
  • Too late to stop the Omniscient, as they took the 3rd orb already and fled. You do the Ice trial and get called back to the Mila kingdom.
  • Apollo is there, he is trying to find the Omniscient Stronghold to recover the orbs. Apollo tells you to visit Dionysus in Merca Town.
  • While visting Dionysus you are attacked by Omniscient spies. Once they are defeated the wise old man tells you that they should visit the Safari Zone and ask ____ to help you track down the stronghold.
  • You get help from _____ and get a certain pokemon to track down the stronghold.
  • Head back to the Badlands and discover the location where the stronghold is at.
  • The stronghold is hiding in the ice plateau where the Ice trial was, you must go there and avoid getting spotted.
  • Raid Omniscient stronghold, but once you enter you encounter Poppy again who battles you.
  • Defeat the grunts and crack puzzles until you reach the bridge to the "throne room" where the masked person battles you for the final time.
  • Enter the throne room and battle Magnus for the second time, he uses the final evolved form of the demon pokemon, Nidoking, Machamp, and Dusclops
  • Magnus reveals the shocking twist that the masked person is actually Alice, the female rival and he retreats to find the "Temple of Dimensions"

Chapter 5: EndgameEdit

  • Head back to Shantay Town to go into the Saha Desert which couldn't be accessed before. It's a large desert with canyons and strong trainers, meet up with Isis, the 10th trial captain and speak to her about the Omniscient. You do the 10th trial too.
  • Apollo has gathered many strong trainers like the captains and know where Magnus is heading.
  • You head to the "Temple of Dimensions" but it is guarded by Elite Omniscient members, battle them as you climb up the temple.
  • The last roadblock is a double battle with Iban and Pandora.
  • You see Magnus entering the "Dimensional Gate" but it is closed.
  • Return to Cypress' lab and the story of Telos and Typhodius is told, they are warriors of good and evil. Telos represents good and the pure energy is the essence that powers the Boss pokemon, Typhodius represents evil and the corrupted energy powers the corrupted Pokémon. Typhodius lives in another dimension and Telos sleeps in the core of Skaphos.
  • You, Alice, and Apollo enter "The Core of Skaphos" going through a puzzling cave and awakening Telos.
  • Telos takes you back to the temple and uses its power to open the gate again.
  • You cross a dangerous path fighting corrupted pokemon until you reach Magnus.
  • You battle Magnus who has gone insane from the dark influence, his pokemon are powered up now.
  • Telos and Typhodius clash, Typhodius attacks you and you must battle it.
  • Typhodius is defeated and its grip on Magnus is gone. Telos takes you back to the pokemon world.
  • Magnus has come back to his senses and apologizes and shit.
  • Do 11th trial and go to victory road.

Chapter 6: The Road to VictoryEdit

Postgame Chapter 1: The New ChampionEdit

  • You are now the new champion, some aftergame stuff is available and some areas are unlocked fully now.
  • Cypress asks you to find the strongest trainers to increase popularity of the newly built "Battle Colosseum"

Postgame Chapter 2: Day of the DevourerEdit

  • Short story arc where you must locate the Regis to awaken Regigigas to fend of the devourer legendary Magnavora who is trying to swallow up the whole region. You will unlock Primal Regigigas who enlists the power of the other Regis and has a new ability ____ which gives Regigigas STAB for Rock, Steel, and Ice moves.

Postgame Chapter 3: VengeanceEdit

  • Cypress asks you if you want to go to the Eastern Archipelago to do more exploring and more battling, the ship is taken over by the Omniscient, who should have been disbanded but have returned under the ownership of Iban. Iban wants to continue what Magnus did but seeks another legendary pokemon, Auragon. Travel to the archipelago and stop the Omniscient for good.
  • Along the way, you encounter Zinnia who returns after the cliffhanger in ORAS, she helps you stop Iban and Auragon is awakened, you can catch it.

Postgame Chapter 4: Invaders From Another WorldEdit

  • Looker is back ...again. You travel to a secluded island in the southwest and meet Camelia who is part of an organization called the "Dimensional Knights" who fight otherworldy threats.
  • The Ultra Beasts are back, somehow they have invaded the Skaphos region but have strangely chose the island as a target.
  • A new recruit, Olive - a scientist joins you as you find out who made that beast appear.
  • Camelia comes from Sinnoh (or Hoenn), her home was "attacked by Ultra Beasts" and she is actually from the non-Mega universe.
  • Unlike like Anabel, she remembers everything. Her guardian Pokémon is Hoopa and claims that Hoopa teleported many of the legendary Pokémon away because there was too many Ultra Beasts and so little legendary Pokémon to defend the non-mega universe (this is the reason for all those portals popping up in Hoenn). She and some other people traveled to another dimension which is the Mega Universe to take refuge.
  • Looker is still the same and is scared about the Ultra Beasts, he thought they were gone after the champion of Alola captured them.
  • As you find out who the culprit is, it is revealed to be Olive. She opened an Ultra Wormhole which led some Ultra Beasts to roam in Skaphos.
  • A unidentified (new!) Ultra Beast will appear, it attacks Olive and she is injured. You must capture it.
  • The threat is gone, for now. Looker comments that perhaps there are more Ultra Beasts out there undiscovered.

Special EpisodesEdit

Special Episodes are side-stories without the player where you control NPC characters and use their Pokémon. You cannot level up nor catch Pokémon when doing these stories.

Special Episode 1: The Time ForgottenEdit

Control Simon (the 2nd trial captain who is an archeologist) and Professor Cypress as the two characters search for ancient ruins with relics from many years ago.

This episode is unlocked after completing the 2nd trial

Special Episode 2: The Curse of MordarEdit

Control the third trial captain (the Poison one) and the Ghost Captain to lift a curse in the kingdom of Mordar.

This is unlocked after completing the 5th trial.

Special Episode 3: The Tale of DionysusEdit

Control the wise old man Dionysus (when he was younger) & Gill (the water captain) in a comedic like story.

This is unlocked after completing the 7th trial.

Special Episode 4: The End of ThingsEdit

Control The Ice Captain and the Dragon E4 (who are brother and sister) as they stop a threat of Pokémon from invading their viking like village.

This is unlocked after completing the 9th trial

Special Episode 5: A World Without A HeroEdit

In this episode, you control Apollo in a different dimension where the player never existed. The Omniscient has taken over the world and Magnus resides in a transformed Athasus where he rules the region in a dictator like way. Apollo and Mona (who never experienced the event that made Magnus evil) must stop Magnus.

This episode is unlocked after you defeat the champion

Other EventsEdit

  • The Battle Royal Dome in Spartan City is also open, complete Master Rank and battle the wrestler Kira to get the Hawluchium Z.
  • Collect enough flags to get the _____ Z from Simon.
  • Getting enough Kudos allows you to visit the "Fossil Island" with Simon, this island has a lot of fossils to collect and some rock pokemon. Mew is there too, you can get the Mewnium Z as well.
  • Becoming the "greatest" at the Pokemon Games in Spartan City (or it could be moved to another city) gets you the _____ Z(?), there is also a man there who wants to see a mythical pokemon called "Pegasus".
  • After you get rid of the Omniscient for good the "Festival of Champions" can now be accessed.
    • In order to do the Champions Tournament you must defeat all the "strong trainers" in a subquest.
  • There are some old legendaries and new legendaries to collect.


  • There is a Shiny Lillipup roaming in Athasus, you know it is shiny because an old lady mentions "it has a different color" you may encounter it. If you do, give it one of your potions and it will walk away. This Lillipup was abandoned by its trainer because "it wasn't good enough" which basically means it had bad ivs and nature and the competitive pokemon trainer released it. After you become champion you find it shuddering somewhere near the Rock Trial, give it another potion and the old woman who talked about it shows up. The old woman says Lillipup has been suffering for a long time and thinks you should keep it. You then get a Shiny Lillipup!

Searching for the Z-CrystalsEdit

  • You get all the regular Z-crystals from the Type Specialists.
  • The Mewnium Z is dropped by Mew after you catch or defeat it at the Fossil Island.
  • The Marshadium Z can be received from a man after you show him Marshadow in Spartan City.
  • Tapunium Z can be found in the tower where you catch Auragon
  • Pikachunium Z is given to you by Red(?)
  • Pikashunium Z can be given by some guy in The Observatory by showing him a Pikachu with a cap on.
  • Alola Raichu Z-crystal is given to you by Clemont after defeating him
  • The gen 7 starter Z-crystals are given to you by Professor Cypress aftergame in his lab
  • Eevium Z is given to you by a guy with a full team of Eeveelutions, battle him to get the item.
  • Snorlium Z is gained by ??????
  • Regigium Z is found in a pedestal at Continental Cave
  • Chatonium Z is gained by ????
  • The Octentium Z is available after making a significant amount of progress on the Ship Minigame
  • The Hawluchium Z is available after defeating "Wrestler Kira" in the Master Rank Battle Royale
  • The Victinium Z is gained by ??? (may not exist, could be removed)
  • The Sunium Z, Rainium Z, Sandstorium Z, and Hailium Z are received after defeating 4 trainers who use a weather based team.
  • Protectium Z is received after defeating V in the "unofficial trial"
  • Oricorium Z is received by ????

Searching for the Mega StonesEdit

  • The Rapidashite is given by someone by being "very good" at the Pokemon Games
  • The Nidokingnite is given by Magnus postgame at his house
  • The Nidoqueennite is given postgame after defeating Mona
  • The Laprasite is found in a cave, it requires a combination of the water based PokeAssist Pokemon.
  • The Machampnite
  • The Granbullite
  • The Girafarigite
  • The Breloomite
  • The Milotinite
  • The Vespiquenite is found in the Bug Trial location, requires the Scyther PokéAssist
  • The Rhyperiorite is given to by V after defeating him as a challenger in the Pokemon League
  • The Togekissite
  • The Magnezonite can be found in the Observatory
  • The Cofagrigite can be found in the Pyramid postgame
  • The Hydreigonite
  • The Gogoatnite

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