Herro, here is just a dump for my ideas for the next generation of pokemon. It's a european region, greece and england mixed in. The evil team is a cult called The Omniscient. Island Trials are what you do but they aren't called that. The PokeFinder and Ride Pokémon are back.


Unofficial zmoves/Moves/Abilities

  • New Ability: "???" it allows pokemon to bypass immunities and resistances become effective damage, but that could be too OP
  • Gaia Hammer: Signature move of Bahamut Pokemon, has 120 base damage and 75% accuracy and may flinch, Steel version of Dragon Rush.
  • Stonewing Smash: Signature move of the Gargoyle pokemon, could be Rock type.
  • Ascended Strike: Signature move of the Crystal pokemon, it leaps into the air and
  • Painful Scream: The user screams with a horrible noise that lowers special defense. 70 base damage and 100% accuracy, learned by Necroar, Noivern, Exploud. Normal type move.
  • Soul Siphon: Special Ghost type move, 75 base damage and 100% accuracy. Ghost Type version of Giga Drain. Cofagrigus and Dusclops learn it too. NOW THEY CAN FINALLY HAVE SOME RECOVERY! The "soul beast" legendary learns it too, which means it can use Ghost Type Leech Seed + ghost type Giga Drain with its bulky stats and great Normal/Ghost typing.


Megas are back, most retain their typing when mega evolving except for a few.

  • Mega Nidoking (Sheer Force)
  • Mega Nidoqueen (Sheer Force)
  • Mega Machamp (No Guard)
  • Mega Lapras (No Guard) rip it learns fissure and sheer cold

  • Mega Girafarig (Parental Bond ripoff?)

  • Mega Milotic [now Water/Fairy] with Marvel Scale, learns Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast via level up

  • Mega Luxray [now Electric/Dark] with the ability Tough Claws
  • Mega Rhyperior [now pure Rock Type] with the ability Solid Rock
  • Mega Magmortar (???)
  • Mega Electivire (Iron Fist)

  • Mega Scrafty (Moxie)
  • Mega Hydreigon (???)

  • Mega Gogoat

  • Mega Silvally (Protean). The aether foundation continued their work on Type Null, they developed their own Mega Stone that allows Silvally to change its type freely by using a certain type of move.

Aftergame Chapter: Invaders from Another Dimension

  • Looker contacts you to come to a secluded island south west of the region.
  • You meet Camelia and Looker, Camelia is part of the "Dimensional Knights" who fight otherworldly threats. She contacted the International Police because she thinks someone is trying to bring some invaders to attack Skaphos.
  • Camelia mentions the UBs and Looker gets PTSD from SuMo.
  • Camelia "has" the mythical Pokémon Hoopa but she hasn't caught it. She says she came from "another dimension" where the UBs attacked. She formed the Dimensional Knights to stop the UBs but they were too much, she asked Hoopa to transport the legendary Pokémon away because there were too little to defend the world (this is why all those legendaries are in ORAS). She doesn't know what is left of the Non-Mega universe now.
  • The first UB, UB-06 pops out of the water and attacks you. You must DEFEAT it, strangely you can't seem to catch it as some aura is preventing ANY Pokeball from working.
  • Camelia wonders why the UBs are coming here of all places, Looker freaks out because he thought all the UBs were caught and analyzed but there are more!
  • You go across the region again investigating people, an Omniscient grunt (who actually has been stuck in a jail cell since the 6th trial), some of the Dimensional Knights, and eventually a scientist recruit of the knights named Olive.
  • Olive gets scared and leaves, you find her in the sewers at Port Nava.
  • Search the sewers and find Olive with a strange Pokémon, it looks cute.
  • Camelia tells everyone that the cute thing is actually an Ultra Beast, it gets angry and attacks you all. Again, you cannot catch this UB because the aura prevents all Pokeballs from working.
  • UB-11 is defeated, but Olive is in trouble. She confesses her story saying that she smuggled it off the island to show it to "Professor Cypress" to investigate.
  • When you return to the island another Ultra Beast is roaming around, UB-07. Defeat the beast to continue the story.
  • The Dimensional Knights start acting weird and a few challenge you to a battle! (They are possessed)
  • Lots of drama dialogue, you leave the island again to speak with Professor Cypress.
  • When you enter the lab you find Cypress until ...another Professor Cypress walks in? The Cypress you came for is actually a new UB! You must fight this transforming Ultra Beast and defeat it.
  • The power shuts down, everything is dark - investigate the scene further to find YET ANOTHER UB, UB-08 Gamma attacks! Defeat the UB again to continue the story.
  • Things are getting weird, how did the Ultra Beasts find you all? Are they attracted to you? Or are they trying to get rid of you?
  • Looks like you're back at the island again, UB-09 Sphere is trying to blast the Dimensional Knights and Olive has escaped!
  • Defeat UB-09 sphere and go find Olive who must have ran somewhere in the island.
  • You track down footprints but get ambushed by 3 UB-10s, defeat them to proceed.
  • You manage to make it to a cavern, you walk in to see where Olive is.
  • You enter and see Olive bounded by a strange abomination bug creature, ANOTHER ULTRA BEAST! This is apparently "The Mother UB" and she has been controlling Olive this whole time.
  • UB-00 is using Olive as a host, the beast explains that she has been sending her minions to get rid of you all, she hid in this cave to preserve her energy and continue summoning more UBs.
  • You must now battle UB-00 who has all its stats raised, it summons random types of Ultra Beasts to aid it. YOU CANNOT CATCH ANY ULTRA BEAST STILL, THE BALLS WILL BE KNOCKED BACK.
  • UB-00 is defeated its power is weakened, Olive is very sick and hurt - the threat has been stopped but some UBs are still roaming around the region.
  • Camelia thanks you for your help, Looker says the situation isn't over. The UBs are still out there.
  • Looker hands you a lot of Beast Balls, he got them shipped from the Aether Foundation.
  • You can now catch all the UBs due to UB-00s defeat weakening the strange aura that prevents pokeballs from working. You can catch all the new UBs on the island and they will have Beast Boost.
  • Outside the island you can catch the UBs with Hidden Abilities (including the new UBs)
  • You get 1m pokedollars for catching the ones Looker told you about.

Locations of the Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts 2.0

  • UB-06 "Monk" (Water/Dark): Some kind of strange humanoid figure with eye like wings, its body opens to reveal a black hole. Looks like Elico kind of but has a fish head. Its arms are positioned like a monk, which gives it its name.
  • UB-07 Vacuum (Water/Ground): Has a long neck and mouth, it swallows up the water and nutrients of earth. If nobody killed it it would destroy earth and everyone would die because there would be no more natural resources.
  • UB-08 Gamma (Electric/Poison): Some kind of bug looking thing, Electric/Poison pokemon, the deadly energy of this pokemon can cause sickness to anything. Its deadly toxins melts the sturdiest of things. Hundreds of these creatures can not only pollute but kill all humans and pokemon, burning their flesh and leaving them with bones.
  • UB-09 Sphere (Normal/Steel): A strange sphere like Ultra Beast, it has some scales covered on it that can cause explosions apparently? It has one eye which it fires off hyper beams. It has a lot of HP and good defenses but not good attack and speed. If it were to die it would explode.
  • UB-10 Swarm (Bug/Flying?): Flying termites, a swarm of hundreds of strange insect pokemon that feed off wood and other materials. Apparently they destroyed most of the gyms. The circular swarm of this UB can create Ultra Wormholes.
  • UB-11 Disguise (???): Not sure what it looks like, it kind of like a Clubberskull from Kid Icarus I guess? It has a cute form but then transforms to reveal a more scarier monster form.
    • It transforms into its scary monster form when using an attack, after that it will change back into its cute form. If it has the Hidden ability Disguise then if its disguise is busted it will remain in its monster form for the rest of the battle.
  • UB-00 "Mother" (Bug/Psychic): A big abomination, not sure what it would look like but perhaps it is a giant bug with parts of the other Ultra Beast. This is the leader of the Ultra Beasts, it constantly lays eggs which produce the UBs. It can regenerate its entire body if killed so it can keep producing Ultra Beasts for eternity.
  • UB-12 Duplicity (???): Not sure about this one either, but it learns Transform and can camoflage itself and transform into many things (including humans) it is very dangerous.

Hidden Ability Ultra Beasts

  • Nihilego has Moody
  • Buzzwole has Sheer Force
  • Pheromosa has Steadfast
  • Xurkitree has Motor Drive
  • Kartana has Sharp Blade (now it is much worse, as there is a 25% damage boost for moves like X-scissor, leaf blade, and night slash)
  • Celesteela has Flare Boost
  • Guzzlord has Gluttony
  • UB-06 Monk has Psychic Surge(?)
  • UB-07 Vacuum has Sap Sipper, making it the second pokemon to have no weaknesses with an ability (the first being Eelektross)
  • UB-08 Gamma has Merciless
  • UB-09 Sphere has Bulletproof
  • UB-10 Swarm has Infiltrator
  • UB-11 has Disguise


  • Weather/protect
  • "Naval Nuke" is only available to Octentator holding the Octentium Z, the move will affect multiple opponents and will harshly lower their accuracy.
  • "Continental Hammer" is only used by Regigigas holding a Regigium Z.
  • "???" can only be used by Hawlucha holding a Hawluchium Z, the attack will inflict paralysis.



So you go through the region doing the "Challenges" in order to prove yourself as the strongest trainer around. They're like Island Trials but cooler and you get to battle the "leaders" and a totem Pokemon possibly.

You have two rivals, Klaus and Athena. The evil organization is The Omniscient who is a cult who wants to rule the region by controlling the legendary Pokémon. Their leader is Magnus, who is the brother to the champion Apollo. The organization has a few admins but the most significant one is "Nomad" who you will encounter a few times.

Apparently Nomad is actually your rival Athena and in the climax of the story you will find out that Athena is Magnus' daughter and they both found themselves in Typhons realm where they got corrupted so that is why Athena is evil and Magnus has become insane at the end. The final battle with Magnus will be like the second battle against Lusamine where his team powers up but he will also use the legendary against you. Telos will appear at the end to save you all including Magnus. The villain story climax could be after you defeat the champion.

Postgame Events

  • The Golden Dragon & The Revenge of the Cult: In the "Eastern Archipelago" is a temple where Auragon lies. This is the third mascot legendary. Unfortunately before you head to it on the ship you encounter the Omniscient who is run by Iban now. Iban wants to take over the world and do what Magnus couldn't. You will encounter Looker who helps you track down and get rid of The Omniscient for good. Zinnia finally returns and helps you find Auragon and defeat The Omniscient. Zinnia teaches you Dragon Ascent after the story ends.
  • The Festival of Champions: The first thing that happens after you beat the champion is Cypress coming to your home and telling you the Battle Colosseum is open. He also adds that he wants to create the biggest tournament ever and wants you to find strong trainers who are visiting the region. You must defeat these trainers with a full team of Lvl 75 Pokemon in order for them to appear in the "PWT 2.0". (Note: You can still access to Festival of Champions' "Leader Tournament" with gym leaders but the "Elite Tournament" will not be unlocked until you defeat them all.)
    • Red
    • Blue
  • Magnavora vs. Regigigas: In space, the gigantic devourer Magnavora approaches the region. The world will need a colossal Pokémon to beat down the devourer. Awaken the Regis and defeat Magnavora and unlock their unique formes - Primal Magnavora and Primal Regigigas
  • Invaders of Another Dimension: The Ultra Beasts are back, Looker contacts you and you meet Camelia on "Void Island", a "Dimensional Knight" who uses the mythical Pokémon Hoopa. You are trying to figure out how the beasts are appearing, you turn your suspicions onto Olive, a scientist who was recruited by the Dimensional Knights. You will encounter a new Ultra Beast (and possibly more).
  • The Wandering Soul: A "ghost girl" weeps in the "Forbidden Area" as her family is being terrorized by "Soul Eating Beast".
  • Corpse of the Sea: A sailor mentions the name "Hydra" repetitively as he has a nightmare. This was actually a Pokémon that will be available in a patch. Travel through rough tides and battle the Mythical Pokemon "Hydra"
  • The Elements: Catch the elemental quartet.
  • The Fifth Element: Capture the Four Elemental Legendaries and bring them to the Lost Ice Temple to battle Nihil.
  • The Horse: Get the "Electric Pegasus" Mythical Pokemon from Mystery Gift and talk to its old owner in the Pokemon Games stadium.
  • The Beast: Catch Cerberus pokemon
  • The Hunt for Arceus: Gather the plates and search for the ruins as you explore the region to reach the god that can be caught in a master ball.
  • Fossil Island & Mew: When you have enough "Kudos" you are able to travel to an island full of ancient artifacts with the archeologist 2nd trial captain. Nothing much to do here, but you do get the gen 4 orbs, the red and blue orb, other fossils. You can also encounter Mew and get the mew zcrystal here.
  • Battle the Captains Again: Rematch all the trial captains.
  • Challengers of the Pokémon League: Just like in SuMo there are several challengers who want the champion spot. The E4 also got stronger.
    • Magnus
    • Nurse Joy
    • Dionysius
    • "Strong viking man"
    • Grass Type user
    • Electric Type user
    • The steel type captain
    • flying OR ghost captain
    • The archeologist dude (aka the 2nd captain)


Battle Colosseum

The gen 8 battle facility.

The Festival of Champions

The biggest tournament ever with strong trainers from other regions, battle gym leaders, the elite 4, champions, and other strong trainers in Singles, Doubles, Triples, or Rotation.

  • Leaders Tournament: Challenge Gym Leaders from Gen 1-6 and the Trial Captains of Gen 7-8.
    • World Leaders Tournament: All the gym leaders from the other regions have gathered to see who is the ultimate Gym Leader. Additionally, Wally, Gladion, and Colress may appear after you defeated them.
  • Elite Tournament: The Elite Four from other regions are in this too, who will be the strongest?
  • Champions Tournament: The regional champions have gathered, prove you are the best trainer ever.
    • This is only unlocked after doing The World Leaders Tournament 10 Times, the Elite Tournament 5 times, and defeating the strong trainers in the sidequest.
  • Ultimate Tournament (May be removed): The final tournament, a singles format where you use 6 Pokémon. In this tourney you battle 5 regional Gym Leaders/Trial captains, 4 regional Elite Four Members, and 3 regional Champions.


This feature puts you (or you and a friend) into a randomized dungeon and your goal is to make it to the exit which can only be unlocked by defeating a boss Pokémon (which is similar to a Totem Pokémon). You can only bring three Pokémon and their levels will be set to 50. There are Pokémon that may be lower or higher leveled Pokémon encountered and you cannot gain experience from them. You cannot use your own items but you can find items that will disappear when you leave the dungeon.

To navigate you must go through doors, some doors need to opened by completing challenging puzzles or defeating a certain number of Pokémon. Items are scattered through the rooms, some include Energizers which are like O-Powers and give certain effects to your Pokémon.

Pokemon Games

Pokeathlon 2.0 because screw contests.


Festival Plaza + PokePelago combined but much better. You have your own Utopia, you are the ruler so you tell your subjects what to do. You can leave your Pokemon from your PC to rest there so they can gather berries or other rare items.

You also have your own house which you can expand and add lots of cool rooms that other players can look at while visiting your Utopia.

Underground 2.0/Mining

Underground is back and better than ever. Now you can mine for stuff underground and above ground in certain caves with special rocks. You can get shards to give to learn moves from the Move Tutors.

Pokemon Farm

A big farm where you can grows stuff (berries) that will be used to create the Mixtures.


The (third?) captain who uses Poison Types will introduce you to mixtures. Drinks/potions that give special boosts to your Pokémon in battle but can also be used to increase EVs. You will mix ingredients and berries and use new items (Herbs)

For example, one mixture is called the "Power Mixture" which will increase your Pokémons attack. You will need a certain berry and herb to create it. Mixtures can be held by Pokémon and will be used at half health.



new dual type combos

  • Gemini (Fire/Ice)
  • Soul Beast (Normal/Ghost)
  • Graveyard Pokemon(?) (Rock/Ghost), unique ability that summons a spirit or something (could be shields down 2.0) and a signature move that is like Magma Storm but Ghost Type
  • Widoom/Araxious (Bug/Dark)
  • Demon 3-stage (Fire/Fairy)
  • There could be a Electric/Dark or Electric/Fighting Pokémon
  • There was a Dark/Fairy Pokémon originally but I'm most likely scrapping it


  • The Protagonists: The boy and girl, names TBA
  • Klaus: The rival who will actually be a rival instead of some friend. He won't be a jerk though.
  • Athena/Nomad: The other rival who uses the starter weaker to yours. She typically uses the cute looking Pokémon and Special Attackers. She has an alter-ego though, a cloaked, masked follower of The Omniscient named "Nomad" - plot twist!
  • Dionysus: A wise old man whos partner is a Slowking. He knows a lot about ancient Skaphos history.
  • Crowley: Another old man who is actually a member of the Elite 4 (you won't figure this out until later) who appears a few times during the story.
  • Magnus: The leader of The Omniscient and the main antagonist, he wants to take over the region using the legendary Pokémon. He is actually the father of Athena and both of them were corrupted by the dark influence of Typhon.
  • Apollo: The champion of the region and Magnus' brother. He'll play a role in the story.
  • Iban: One of the admins of The Omniscient, his signature Pokémon is Zangrath and Garglyde.
  • Poppy: Obviously we have to include more characters named after flowers. Here is a Bug Type user who is very crazy and another admin of The Omniscient.
  • Pandora: Another admin of The Omniscient.
  • Professor Cypress: This regions professor. He studies the history of Pokémon and some other stuff like evolution, Mega Evolution, and the Z-Moves.
  • Validus (real name: Olaf): A character whos partner is Rhyperior claims to be the strongest trainer ever. He teaches you how to do the Dungeon Mode and you'll find him around the viking location in the game. He tends to say his name in nearly every sentence he speaks.

The Type Specialists

"Trial Captains"

  • Normal/Rock/Poison/Bug/Ghost(?)/Fairy/Water/Fire/Ice/Ground/Steel

Elite 4

  • ??? (Psychic)
  • ??? (Dark)
  • Faust (Fighting)
  • ??? (Dragon)
  • Apollo (Champion)