Nuza's guardian bakugan



Came alive from a fragement of Subtera Teleterra's TV shard. Isn't as powerful as Teleterra. Has a star on her back. She also has two small blades on her arms. In an armor of a whitish brown color, with yellow lines. If the armor breaks, her real form appears, as a dragon. Her dragon form is a snow white color with red yellow eyes and gray lines




Cross Chop- Ovorier chops with his arm blades, cutting an opponent

Extreme Slash- Ovorier disappears and reappears next to her opponent for a huge slash

Stunning Slash- Ovorier slashes her opponent and the opponent can't move

Crashing Blades- Ovorier smashes her blade onto the opponent

Maxium Blade- Ovories blade grows to 3ft long

Ultimate Blade- Ovorier's blade extends

Over Limited- Ovorier's blades, on her arms, grow bigger with a white color

Extension Shield- Ovorier's blades grow, while he uses them as shields

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Impacting Symoslash- With a symmetric slash, the opponent gets slashed twice and hit with an exploding aura

Giga Slash- With an enlarged blade, Ovorier slashes the opponent with a big times slash

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