Wolfgang and Wolf have been moving deeper into Wolfgang's mind...

Wolf) Now, Wolfgang what did you mean by Darterym being with you?

Wolfgang) Some of his power was put into my arm...

Wolf) But it should have gone away, he's dead...

Wolfgang) Well he obviously isn't really dead yet...

[ Out of Wolfgang's mind ]

Nintendocan) I don't know what's taking him so long to open the door...

Mike) Okay!

Alice) Daddy...I'm getting cold!

Nintendocan) Okay Alice...

Mike) Can we just go back to the car!

Nintendocan) First, don't snap at me! Two, okay

[ 10 minutes later ]

Trent) Why do we have to sit in booster seats!

Mike) Yeah!

Nintendocan) Because you're too young to not need them, also you're too small

Alice) Well, I love my booster seat =D

Nintendocan) Good

( Nintendocan calls Wolfgang, with his car )

Bing! Bing! Bing! We're sorry, but Wolfgang isn't able to answer right now, please leave a

( Nintendocan hangs up and calls Samantha )

Bing! Bing! Bing!

( Samantha answers her phone )

Samantha) Yes?

Nintendocan) Hey...I've been waiting outside your house for the last 15 minutes, no one has answered...Is anyone even home?

Samantha) Yeah, Wolfgang is in there...

Nintendocan) Well, he's not answering my calls...

Samantha) Maybe he's asleep?

Nintendocan) Maybe...

Samantha) Anyways, I'm sorry for the waiting you went through...

Nintendocan) It's okay...

Samantha) If you're going to come back later, I'm on my way home...

Nintendocan) I'll just wait, no point in leaving and coming back later

Samantha) Okay, I got to go...

( Samantha hangs up )

[ Back in Wolfgang's head ]

Wolfgang) ...

Wolf) Yeah, you have problems!


Wolf) Yep, something evil is in you and it's near us...

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Evil Wolfgang) Wolfgang, why don't you just let the evil pose you!


Evil Wolfgang) Wow...Cool it, you're starting to look too evil!

Wolfgang) He didn't just say that?

Wolf) He did...

Wolfgang) Okay...I wonder is Volf here?

Wolf) Wolfie is...

( A purple bakugan starts to form )

Bright Darkness! Episode 26

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